Vimmerby Adventure

At Vimmerby Adventure you find an adventure trail 9 metres up among the treetop.
Vimmerby Adventure is situated approximately 10 km north of Vimmerby, on a level with Södra Vi.

Adventure at a high level. The adventure trails up in the trees are very popular. The 250 metres long high trail is set 9 metres off the ground. You have to climb ropes and nets, balance along narrow bars and throw yourself down the flying fox.

Parents need not worry – all climbing is done with utmost precaution. Climbers are secured into a harness that can only be removed by the personnel at start and finish. At the shooting range visitors test their hunting skills in various games, where you might shoot at clay pigeons and wild animals appearing on a screen.

Food and lodgings
In the cafeteria you can enjoy a good lunch, have an ice-cream or enjoy some coffee and cake. Adjoining the adventure grounds, there are also cabins for hire.

7 July - 31 August
10:00 - 18:00 o'clock