The Kvill Oak

The Kvill Oak

The Kvill Oak or the Rumskulla Oak is one of Europe’s oldest and largest trees and one of the broadest oaks in all of Europe.

An impressive giant. The range at chest height is around 13 meters. In the late 1930s, a thorough investigation was made to establish the age of the Kvill Oak and it was then concluded that it was 950 years. This means that by now it has passed 1,000 years and is probably the country’s only millennial oak.

The Kvill Oak is found in the Kvill Nature Reserve a few kilometers south of Norra Kvill National Park. You can park easily in the large parking place and walk on the 100 meters accessibility-adapted road to Kvilleken.


Norra Kvill 111,
590 80 Södra Vi