Beaches and lakes

Beaches and lakes

Around Vimmerby you’re never far from a refreshing dip in a lake. Choose from established swimming places like Nossen and Krön, a small sandy beach or ’your very own’ lake for a relaxing dip and a quiet moment. There are hundreds to choose from!

Anen, Jetty, outhouse

Borstingen, Jetty, outhouse

Brosjön, Jetty, WC and café during opening hours.

Dammen Gullringen, Jetty, outhouse

Dammen Storebro, Jetty, jumping tower, outhouse

Evabadet, Gissen Dogs allowed

Försjön, Jetty, outhouse

Gränssjön, Jetty, outhouse

Hyltabyns badplats (Vimmern), Jetty

Holmsjön, Jetty, outhouse

Nossenbaden, Camping, café, boats, jetties, WC, showers, dogs allowed.

Krönbaden, Café, WC (during opening hours), canoe rental.

Solnen, Jetty, outhouse

Spilhammarsbadet, Jetty, jumping tower, outhouse

Stjärnevik, Jetty, outhouse, dogs allowed