MX World Collection

MX World Collection

Welcome to one of the largest museum for those who like motorcycles in general and motocross in particular. With a collection of over 350 different bikes, it is a world-unique collection you can view on site in Vimmerby.

In January 2014, the gates to MX World Collection were opened.Aafter many years of collecting all things motocross and at the same time renovated a large number of motocross bikes Magnus Frodig decided he wanted to showcase the special collection to the public. This to preserve the fantastic history of the motocross.

In recent years, the collection has mostly consisted of unique motocross bikes such as special factory bikes and motocross bikes run by well-known drivers as well as a dozen world champion bikes.

Welcome in and look around and enjoy several decades of MX history!

Opening hours

Monday – Friday
09.00 – 15.00 o’clock


Förrådsgatan 9,
598 40 Vimmerby

+4670-55 27 017