Fishing in Vimmerby

A windless day out on the water, the sun’s rays are warming… surely a nice day to go fishing. The range of fishing water is endless and the variety is great in the area around Vimmerby. The dominant fish species are perch, pike and whitefish. Here is a selection of the best fishing lakes with information that may be relevant to finding your luck. Also consider the different rules that apply to each lake.

Fishing is a fun and exciting leisure activity that you can enjoy all year round. Regardless of whether you are a Swedish or foreign citizen, you can fish with hand gear, i.e. rod, line and hook, along Sweden’s coasts and in lakes Vättern, Vänern, Mälaren, Hjälmaren and Storsjön in Jämtland. If you want to fish outside the above-mentioned areas, on so-called private water, you must check whether fishing is permitted or seek permission from the fishing right holder. You can buy fishing licenses for many of the lakes around Vimmerby online or at Vimmerby Tourist Information.


The long, narrow lake Krön is a relatively shallow lake of 740 hectares that is part of Stångån's water system. There are fine fishing waters here for both the beginner and the experienced fisherman. Krön is a circumscribed body of water that has on several occasions been the place where Sweden's largest zander has been caught.

Follow the sports fishing sign along road 826, one kilometer from Vennebjörke, at Karsnäs to put in the boat. Kröngården also has a mooring area, but this is closed during the bathing season.

It is also good to fish from the bridge at Sund. Remember that it is a busy road!

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Yxern is Kalmar County's largest lake and, despite that, is somewhat hidden among lovely coniferous forest. The lake's many bays and headlands are interspersed with many small islands that attract a rich bird life. The fish supply is also rich with, among other things, pike, perch, whiting and large-grown zander.

The beaches are shallow in places and in other places the cliffs drop vertically and in some places reach a depth of 26 metres. The water level in Yxern varies greatly and there is plenty of ground and rocks, so be careful if you fish from a boat.

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Borstingen is 67 hectares in size, located approximately 4 km east of Vimmerby in the direction of Västervik. Surrounded by both deciduous and coniferous forest, it provides a wonderful nature experience.

The clear cold spring water with good quality and pH value in combination with deep holes of up to 25 meters create conditions for exciting fishing.

The species present are pike, perch, roach, tench, lake and signal crayfish.

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On the outskirts of Vimmerby municipality is the lake Spillen. Half of this lake is in Vimmerby municipality and the other half in Kinda municipality.

The area is 500 ha and here you can catch perch, pike and whitefish.

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Möckeln, Skirsjön & Norrlången

In these lakes the water is clear and surrounded by forested beaches with mountain edges but also shallow bays.

Möckeln, Norrlången and Skirsjön are some of Stångån's source lakes and have a depth of 35-40 meters on approximately 280 hectares. The fish supply is rich with, among other things, pike, perch, whitefish, whitefish and roach.

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Solaren is part of the main catchment area of Bottorpsströmen which flows into the Baltic Sea and is a lake with good water quality.

Approximately 3 square meters in size, 15-20 meters deep and surrounded by coniferous forest. Here there is a good supply of both pike and perch and the zander population is also increasing.

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Ramsefalls FVO
– Ramssjön, Hemsjön, Hörningen

Here you fish in the middle of the Småland forests near Norra Kvills National Park. It is mainly perch and pike that you can catch here, but also the occasional roach.

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Försjön is located in a scenic area between Pelarne and Rumskulla. Here you can catch perch, pike and whitefish.

It is a small lake of 9 hectares that you can walk around. There is also a barbecue area where you can cook your catch.

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Bysjön & Malmingen

Bysjön and Malmingen are two completely different lakes that are both rich in fish. Bysjön is shallow and cloudy and Malmingen deep and clear. Both pike, perch and whitefish thrive here.

Boat ramps can be found in the northern part of Bysjön and in the south of Malmingen.

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Mossjön is just outside Pelarne and is 221 hectares. Here you can catch perch, pike and whitefish.

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Fishing with a guide

Why not a lovely day on the lake with family, friends or colleagues. Join Starlings, who offer guided fishing trips in the area around Vimmerby.

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