Astrid Lindgrens World

Astrid Lindgrens World

Astrid Lindgren’s World is a fabulous place for young and old. Everyone who has grown up with the stories about Pippi, Emil and Astrid Lindgren’s other characters will recognise the settings in the park. There are lots of opportunities to become part of the adventures here. 

Step right into the stories

Get to know Pippi Longstocking who lives in Villekulla Cottage on the outskirts of The Tiny Town. She lives here all by herself. Well, maybe not all by herself, if you want to be pedantic. Her horse also lives here. And then she has a monkey called Mr Nilsson. Pippi’s friends are called Tommy and Annika and they often visit and play at her house. Visit Emil and the Svensson family in Katthult where you can experience a farm as it looked at the turn of the century. Just like in the rest of the park, all children can play to their heart’s content in Katthult. There is a winding brook here that flows into a shallow lake, a play barn, an earth cellar that you can crawl into and last but not least Emil’s own woodshed, complete with his collection of wooden figures.

The park also invites you to meet Ronja the robber’s daughter in Matt’s fort, the ever so humble Karlson on the roof, Rasmus and his friend Paradis-Oskar. Mardie and her family and friends in Junedale and the Brothers Lionheart’s during their journey through Cherry Tree Valley and wild Rose Valley.

We take food seriously

In a place of such wonderful stories, you should of course also be able to expect wonderful food. In our restaurants, we make everything from scratch in our own kitchens and use mostly local raw produce. Here you will find filling Småland homely fare such as ‘isterband’ sausages with boiled potatoes and fried bacon with potato pancakes. But there are also meatballs with mashed potatoes, pancakes and much more. This season, we have added even more vegetables to our plates and we are offering more vegetarian options. If anyone in the family has allergies or needs a special diet for some other reason, we also offer one or more allergy options.

The fun continues even when the summer is over

In September you are welcome to visit the park during the weekends. Later in the autumn, you can also celebrate the autumn holiday when you are invited to a traditional Småland autumn market.


Opening hours


17 May – 20 August

25 August – 17 September
Friday – Sunday
10.00 – 17.00

Fall Market
21 October – 22 October and 28 October – 5 November


Fabriksgatan, 598 40 Vimmerby, Sverige

+46492-798 00