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Activities & Sights

In Vimmerby there is plenty to see and do.

  1. Astrid Lindgrens Näs Attractions In Vimmerby in Småland there is a very special place - Astrid Lindgrens Näs. Here Astrid Lindgren, our most popular writer, was born and grew up. This is the place where she has been inspired for many of her stories and books. Here she heard the stories and met many of the people and the environments that then formed the stories in her books.
  2. Astrid Lindgrens World Attractions Astrid Lindgren’s World is a fabulous place for young and old. Everyone who has grown up with the stories about Pippi, Emil and Astrid Lindgren’s other characters will recognise the settings in the park. There are lots of opportunities to become part of the adventures here.
  3. Virum Moose park Attractions Meet moose and deer in their natural habitat. In beautiful surroundings you can get close to the animals and marvel at their special beauty.
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  4. Bullerbyn Attractions The three small farms in Sevedstorp were the model for Astrid's books about Bullerby. This is where Astrid's father Samuel August grew up and this is where the films were made about Bullerby in 1986/87 under the direction of Lasse Hallström.
  5. Eriksgården Activities Eriksgården offers natural experiences with the focus on the horse and accommodation on a farm. Do you have something to celebrate? Do you want to make a study visit? Have a staff get-together? Cook outdoors? We can arrange all this and a bit more.
  6. Hiking Activities Vimmerby has more than 170 km of hiking trails and walks through forest and fields. Broader footpaths together with winding tracks and steep slopes mean that a day in the forest offers something for everyone. Bring a picnic basket or containers to collect blueberries, or why not make the experience a multi-day trip and bring the tent?
  7. Ingebo Hagar Food & Beverage In the village Ingebo, in an old house from the 1850's, you will find our cafe! During the summer we are serving sandwiches and homemade cakes after Grandma's recipes.
  8. Mariannelunds karamellkokeri Attractions Visit a sugar-baker! Own candy manufacturing since 1929. "And the taste is a feeling of Luxury..."
  9. Narrow-gauge railway between Västervik and Hultsfred Activities The narrow-gauge railway between Hultsfred and Västervik is very unusual. It is 70 kilometres long, but only 891 millimetres. wide; it stretches from the forests in the west, past small lakes, through villages out to the coast in the east.
  10. Norra Kvill National Park National parks and nature Norra Kvill is a well-preserved ancient forest in the highlands of Småland, something quite unique for this part of southern Sweden. Fallen trees, huge moss-grown boulders and magical tarns combine to give Norra Kvill the character of a primeval forest.
  11. Sandströms Shopping
  12. The Nightingale Attractions The Nightingale Museum in Vimmerby is housed in a listed building from the 18th century, with timbered walls.
  13. Visans skepp Heritage museums On these stones 40 of Sweden's most beautiful songs from the 20th century are inscribed.
  14. Albins Albins Shopping
  15. Bathing areas Vimmerby Bathing areas Vimmerby Bathing places/swim centers
  16. Björkbacken Björkbacken Bathing places/swim centers
  17. Canoeing Canoeing Activities
  18. Coop Konsum Coop Konsum Shopping
  19. Downstairs Downstairs Shopping
  20. Filmbyn Småland Filmbyn Småland Filmbyn Småland Attractions
  21. Fishing Fishing Fishing
  22. Gisseskalle Gisseskalle View points
  23. Gästgivarehagen outdoor museum Gästgivarehagen outdoor museum History and culture
  24. Hammargrens Ur & Optik Hammargrens Ur & Optik Shopping
  25. ICA Kvantum ICA Kvantum Shopping
  26. Kalles Lek och Lattjo Kalles Lek och Lattjo Activities
  27. Katthult Katthult Attractions
  28. Klemen´s gränd Klemen´s gränd History and culture
  29. Käbbo Wax Candles Käbbo Wax Candles Design, arts and crafts
  30. Källängsparken Källängsparken Attractions
  31. MX-World Collection MX-World Collection Attractions
  32. Rosenkransen Rosenkransen Shopping
  33. Rosins Pappershandel Rosins Pappershandel Shopping
  34. Runkesten - the "rocking stone" Runkesten - the "rocking stone" History and culture
  35. Samuel August's proposal Samuel August's proposal Attractions
  36. Sko- Nisse Sko- Nisse Shopping
  37. Stenriket i Björkesnäs - Nyodlingen på Hemskogen Stenriket i Björkesnäs - Nyodlingen på Hemskogen History and culture
  38. The Kvill Oak The Kvill Oak Attractions
  39. The Statue of Astrid Lindgren The Statue of Astrid Lindgren Galleries and art
  40. Vimmerby Adventure Vimmerby Adventure Activities
  41. Vimmerby bokhandel Vimmerby bokhandel Shopping
  42. Vimmerby Krukmakeri Vimmerby pottery Vimmerby pottery Design, arts and crafts
  43. Vimmerby Turistbyrå Vimmerby Turistbyrå Shopping
  44. Vimmerbys kyrkor Vimmerbys kyrkor Attractions
  45. Åbro Bryggeri AB Åbro brewery Åbro brewery Tours