Wimer Bike Park

Wimer Bike Park

In direct connection to the northern parts of Vimmerby, near Astrid Lindgren's World, you will find mountain bike trails that offer nice rides. The terrain is fairly hilly by the standards of the region, so expect slopes both uphill and downhill. Here you have four trails to enjoy and a pump track to improve your technique.

Mossebo Flowtrack, Green 1,1 km

This is a nice and green loop that suits most people, regardless of trail cycling experience. The trail also serves as a warm-up/cool-down to the slightly tougher trails, which start from Mossebo's highest point. A gentle route if you take it easy, that gets harder the faster you go.

Videslätt, Blue 3,3 km

A blue difficulty level means that this trail offers a little more challenge with narrower paths, but in a way that is entertaining rather than too exciting. Slopes and inclines in different directions, rocks and roots to get around anf over are what you can expect. Back at the start of the trail follows a busy gravel road, so please take it easy here and respect other road users, pedestrians and riders.

Rumhult, Red 6 km

Here, both length and difficulty increase, so feel free to practice on the easier trails before you set out on Rumhult. You can expect beautiful environments, hills and challenging technical trails. More of everything, as well as some nice downhill sections that allow you to let off more speed the better you get to know the trail. You return to the start of the route via the same gravel road as that used by blue Videslätt trail.

Applekullen, Black 7,7 km

This is the park's longest and biggest challenge, sharing some sections with the Novemberkåsan enduro race thats been held in the area. The trail offers challenging parts that may take a while before you learn how to navigate through them. With the right technique and experience the trailvoffers a nice speed sections with opportunities to find alternative lines. But be careful before you get to know it!

At the start of the trails, there are currently somewhat limited parking options, so park in a traffic-safe manner in the immediate area if you come by car. Make sure you don't block roads or exits!

The trails in the area are maintained by CK Wimer with the support of Vimmerby municipality.

Photo: Tim Eriksson