Visans Skepp

Visans Skepp

Beautifully located by Storebro Lake, 10 minutes from Vimmerby, is a unique stone ship setting with 40 well-known beautiful songs from the 1900th century engraved.

At the "Visans Skepp", you can wander around, reminisce and perheps join in singing. Sing the songs together or just enjoy the view of the lake. The stone setting was built between 1978-1988 and consists of 20 stones that are 1,8 – 3,4 meters high. Engraved on the stones are 40 famous Swedish songs from the 1900th century. The selection of songs was made in consultation with the country's leading experts. Ivar Gustavsson erected the stones, which are located 10 km south of Vimmerby in the industrial community of Storebro. In 1984, the first three stones were erected, followed bz an additional six stones in 1986, and the ramaining eleven stines in 1988. 

Opening hours

Can be visited on all snow-free days of the year.


Rektorsvägen 1,
590 83 Storebro

+46(0)70-549 00 00