In the old barn on the outskirts of Vimmerby, several vintage Grålle tractors are gathered, along with all sorts of accessories. Each item has a story that the owner Håkan Glindell would love to share with you.

Håkan Glindell has had an interest in old tractors for a long time. The Grålle tractors were often left on the farm, they did not take up much space and had no great value. The museum houses Grålle tractors with several different accessories. 
- The Grålle tractor is small and easy to drive, so many children used to drive it back in the days, says Håkan Glindell.

Do you know why the Grålle tractor is always grey? It was because the manufacturer, Ferguson, got the gray paint that was left over from the production of fighter planes for free. Håkan Glindell guides the visitors, and is full of stories about the history of the Grålle tractor. 

The museum is a tribute to the hardworking companion of the farm. 

Opening hours

July 5-August 27

Wednesdays: 17.00-19.00
Fridays: 14.00-16.00
Sundays: 17.00-19.00


Hultsfredvägen 34,

+46(0)70 -321 93 93