Bullerbyn – The Noisy Village

Bullerbyn – The Noisy Village

The three small farms in Sevedstorp were the model in Astrid Lindgren's books about "The Children of Noisy Village". This is also the place where Astrid Lindgren's father, Samuel August, grew up. This is also the location where the movies films were filmed in 1986-87 under the direction of Lasse Hallström.

During the summer, the village comes alive, there are a few different animals, you can jump in the hay and in one of the barns you'll find Café Sörgården. The café serves waffles, swedish cheesecake, sandwiches, ice cream and more. There is also a small shop with souvenirs, handicrafts and children's clothes. See the website for more information about what's happening in Bullerbyn.

Parking fee including entry: SEK 50/car.

Opening hours

Café Sörgården 2024:

16-30 June at 11.00-17.00, closed Midsummer Eve, 21 June.
1 July-11 August at 10.00-18.00
12-25 August at 11.00-17.00

Bullerbyn can be visited outside the café's opening hours, all year round.


Sevedstorp 120,
598 97 Mariannelund

+46(0)70-76 46 724