Astrid Lindgren's Näs

Astrid Lindgren's Näs

In Vimmerby in Småland there is a very special place – here lies Näs, the childhood home of Astrid Lindgren. Astrid Lindgren is one of Sweden's most popular author, was born and grew up in Vimmerby. At her childhood home Näs she got her inspiration for many of her stories and books. Here she heard her first storie and met many of the people and environments that later formed the base of her books.

It was at Näs that she climbed in the lemonade tree and played with her siblings in the woodshed. It was here she was jumping in the hay and listening to stories in Kristin’s kitchen. Most people have strong feelings for Astrid Lindgren and her books. She constantly meets new readers and continues to embody our view of mankind and the world. Her writing defy all boundaries as she is read by all generations in all continents. Astrid Lindgren has become a model for people all over the world, not just as a writer but also as a social critic and debater. With sharp pencil and confident voice, with humor and warmth, she struggled for the environment, children’s rights and animal welfare.

Astrid Lindgren and the power of stories

In the exhibition "Astrid Lindgren and the power of stories" you get to know the little girl who grew up on the farm Näs and follow her throughout her life. You get to hear the songs she sang in her childhood, and also understand the despair she felt when she was forced to leave her son at a young age. You can dive into the war diaries, which give a unique insight into both Astrids's thoughts and everyday life during the Second World War. You can immerse yourself in her political stance against what she saw as wrong. But above all, you get an insight into one of Sweden's greatest writers and discover what inspired and motivated Astrid Lindgren.

Guided tours in the childhood home

Join a guided tour and travel to the time when Astrid Lindgren grew up at Näs together with her three siblings, parents and many others who worked on the farm. The childhood home was restored by Astrid Lindgren herself in the 1960s, as she remembered it from her childhood. This was the place where Astrid Lindgren's own story began.

The children's home is located in Näs gardens and is a privately owned home that can only be visited through a guided tour. The guided tour is best booked in advance at Astrid Lindgren's Näs.

The gardens at Astrid Lindgren's Näs

The gardens at Astrid Lindgren's Näs are a narrative garden that consists of a series of different spaces where each part carries a special theme that is somehow connected to Astrid Lindgren and her writing such as freedom and courage, melancholy and joy of life.

The ambitions for the gardens is to evoke emotions, to be a place to be inspired by, a place where thoughts can take place and conversations are held. Here leafy halls and moss beds are mixed with playful sculptures and nettle gardens - all with a scent of the Småland nature that was so dear to Astrid Lindgren's heart.

The seasonal exhibition "The shop for impossible things"

Welcome to a playful and philosophical art exhibition. Here you can find everything possible that is impossible to buy. Examine all products in the range! Shelves and warehouses are crammed with things never before seen in the world of the senses. Here, the smallest and most things are recycled. The exhibition offers an extremely wide range of impossibilities. Words that bounce you to a different view of "reality".

Here there is a variety of transformed everyday things that can now be used in the most unexpected ways. It wants to give away ideas, thoughts and desire. Inspire your own storytelling, songs and rhymes or perhaps investigate philosophical questions with children and everyone wonders. What is truly valuable? Are there "things" you can get from each other that are not visible? What is most important to own? How do I make my own imagination roll out in an endlessly fun meadow? How does it feel to dive into Tröstersjön?

The exhibition is shown in Prästgården and in Trädgårdshuset during the period 27 April - 22 September.

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