In Astrid Lindgren's footsteps - city walks

In Astrid Lindgren's footsteps - city walks

Vimmerby is a medieval town that had great significance for Astrid Lindgren's writing. It was here, on the small farm Näs, that she grew up and was shaped. Now you are welcome to join us on a city walk in Astrid Lindgren's footsteps.

For 20 years, Ingela has walked "in Astrid Lindgren's footsteps" with various groups and walks. Emil in Lönneberga, Kalle Blomkvist, Madicken and Pippi Longstocking are the characters in Astrid Lindgren's writing that were most inspired by growing up in Vimmerby.

In all her years of guiding, Ingela has collected stories about Vimmerby's history, the town's connections to Astrid Lindgren's writing, and film filming locations. This has resulted in a book and is a continuing work.

In 2023, Ingela will offer hikes on Sundays in July. Walks start at the Town Hall stairs on Stora Torget in Vimmerby at 19.00. Booking takes place via Messenger. Payment via Swish at the start of the hike. Each hike is approximately 90 minutes.

A warm welcome on a journey through Vimmerby's history in Astrid Lindgren's footsteps!

Opening hours

Sundays in July, at 19.00


Town Hall, Vimmerby

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