Eriksgården offers natural experiences with the horse in focus and accommodation on a farm. Here you can meet the farm's working horses, Ardennes and Gotland Russ, and other small animals. Hug, socialize and learn more about the animals and our cultural heritage. Here you can also try driving or riding a horse!

At Eriksgården in picturesque Fjälster, just outside Vimmerby, you travel nack in time to Småland's rural life just over a hundred years ago. Meet Annelie Svensson, dressed in blue-striped work clothes and a cap that brings to mind Emil in Lönneberga. At the farm, you can take part in authentic activities such as collecting eggs in the hen house, looking after the horses, participating in planting potatoes and mowing hay, as well as trying out logging with a horse in the forest. Here you can also enjoy wonderful horse and carriage rides or go on a horse ride with Ardenner horses or Gotland Russ. Here you get a genuine contact with horses and country life.

In 2017, Eriksgården was awarded this year's hosting prize during the Vimmerby Gala!

Horse activities at Eriksgården

Enchanted forest tour with horse and carriage

Do you believe in elves, trolls and other forest spirits? You may encounter them in the magical forests of Fjälster. Cook "kolbullar" and listen to local legends. Mysterious and cozy!

Horse riding with pony (1 hour)

Do you need some horse cuddles? For an hour you get to snuggle, brush, scratch, hug the little Gotland Russ, Movitz.

Dare horse (2 hours)

For those who would like to hang out with horses but don't really dare to ride. Here you get the opportunity, based on your own conditions, to get to know a horse/pony. You get to brush, snuggle, feed and lead the horse. You get to know a safe horse and gain knowledge of how to socialize with one. Trained instructor guides you.

Children's party

At Eriksgården there is an opportunity for a different and fun children's party! Treasure hunting, sausage grilling and homemade fika. To the children's delight, the party ends either with a horse and carriage ride or riding a pony.

Five-game challenge

A competition with five different challenges around the farm. A tip is to wear sturdy clothes for challenges that were part of traditional farm life.


A moment in the log cabin

Cook "Kolbulle" in the log cabin

Learn to cook traditional "Kolbulle" (charcoal buns) with pork and make coffee over the fire. Sit for a while and enjoy the tranquility of nature and listen to a talk about the history of "Kolbulle".

Relax in the log cabin by the fireplace

Enjoy the fresh air but stay sheltered, and spend time with your loved ones. Cozy up by a lit fireplace and enjoy hot coffee or lingonberry drink and home baked 'fika' together.

Rent the log cabin

Bring a group of friends or the family and hang out in an idyllic forest environment with an open fire. The log cabin accommodates a maximum of 20 people, access to firewood and a nearby toilet.