CHG Ateljé and Gallery

CHG Ateljé and Gallery

Stop by CHG Ateljé and Gallery in the historic Linckerska gården, in central Vimmerby.

Councilor Linck's farm was built in 1750. The house provides a historical anchoring and the modernly renovated premises are suitable for art and invite conversation.

CHG is not just a gallery but an inviting and creative place to meet around art, music and memories. The art exhibitions also attract a wide audience and are free. The gallery is run by Ann-Marie Brushane, who is herself an artist. Her art reflects her own visions.

There is something here for those of you who want to buy art or go on an art tour. Over 30 meters of wall space with both framed and unframed works from local artists. You will also find several unique offerings that you won't find anywhere else, quirky original paintings, traditional paintings, contemporary paintings, drawings and even photographic art which is increasingly appreciated.

With art, you can show who you are and create a certain atmosphere. At CHG you will find motifs in a lot of different genres.

Often you can have larger works of art in your home than you think - this also applies to smaller homes. CHG has paintings in all sizes. For art enthusiasts looking for original paintings/pictures in affordable options, CHG is a good choice. Here you will find both established and undiscovered artists.

Also art prints and a small exclusive selection of furnishings.

Opening hours

Friday 14.00-18.00
Saturday 12.00-16.00
Sunday 14.00-18.00

For other times, book a private viewing. All appointments are booked. Short notice, no problem.
Call or text +46(0)70-560 21 50