Preserved as from the movies about That Emil, the farm Katthult lies still in Gibberyd. Enter Emil's own woodshed and marvel at all the little wooden figures. Here you step straight into the films about Emil in Lönneberga. 

The Katthult farm from the movies is actually not located in Lönneberg but in the small village Gibberyd near the town of Rumskulla, about 25 km from Vimmerby. Here,the houses still looks like they did when the movies about Emil in Lönneberga were filmed. Walk around the buildings and experience the location from the films about That Emil or visit the shop Katthultsboden where you can buy souvenirs, ice cream, coffee and drinks. In Katthult, you can walk around the buildings and recognize yourself in both the atmosphere and details from the movies. 

Småland is a landscape full of stories, with vast forests and lots of red cottages. During 1970, a film crew from the Swedish Film Industry went around Småland looking for a farm to shoot the movies about Emil in Lönneberga. It wouldn't be just any farm but a "proper Småland farm" Because that's what Astrid Lindgren had decided. 

The chosen farm was an ideal fit to portray Katthult for several reasons. True to Astrid Lindgren's description, the farm lies beautifully among cherry trees and lilacs. Experience the atmosphere in the well-preserved film environment and visit the world-famous woodshed where Allan Edwall, who portrayed Emil's dad, often chased Emil. Step into the woodshed where Emil had to ponder his mischiefs and carved numerous wooden figures - ss you remember, it became quite a collection. 

The farm has been preserved to resemble its original look from when the films were shot in the early 70s. There are also some animals on the farm. No wolves, but a deep wolf pit. The main building in Katthult, with the flagpole where Ida was hoisted up, is one of Sweden's most photographed houses. 

Opening hours

24 June to 27 August
10.00 – 18.00


Katthult, Gibberyd 125
598 92 Vimmerby