The Nightingale City Museum

The Nightingale City Museum

The Nightingale City Museum shows a permanent exhibitions about the history of the city Vimmerby and its surroundings. This includes the development from a small farming village with a hundred inhabitants through ox trading, markets, and fires to today's modern small town.

The museum is housed in a listed building from the 1700th century. After significant restoration work, the building has been restored to its original appearance on the ground floor. The exterior is 1800th century with an extension upstairs, with paneled walls that have been recreated. Parts of the exhibition displays the various findings from the Viking Age burial ground, Gästgivarhagen, which is a short walk from the center of Vimmerby. Here they found about 300 Viking graves, divided into two sections. Approximately half of the graves were excavated around the turn of the last century, and the finds indicate a rich social class with contacts outside of Sweden. Some items have been restored and are now on display at the museum.

The Nightingale City Museum can be found at the intersection of Sevedegatan and Drottninggatan, very close to Vimmerby church.

The museum also produces several themed exhibitions each year, always with a local connection to the area.

Opening hours

24 February – 27 April
Wednesday – Friday, 11.00 – 15.00
Saturday, 11.00 – 14.00


Sevedegatan 43,
598 37 Vimmerby

+46(0)492-76 94 59