The fifty kilometer circular trail goes through forests, across fields and passes several of the attractions and historical sites of the Vimmerby Forests. 

Stage 1, Mariannelund to Övrakulla is 16 kilometers.

Here you pass, among other things, the Runkesten, which is a large moving block that can be "rocked" only with the help of hand power, and you go through Trollegata, which is a ravine with steep walls. In Övrakulla there is a wind shelter.

Stage 2, Övrakulla to Mossebo is 26 kilometers, the trail passes through the Kvill nature reserve where the 1000-year-old Kvilleken stands. In the village of Södra Kvill there is drinking water and between the oak tree and the village there is a shelter from the wind.

Mossebo Gästhem is an old manor dating back to the 1100th century, it is a museum, a restaurant that also has 2 rooms for rent and there is also an old statar länga that you can spend the night in, the länga has cooking facilities and water, it is only open to hikers .

Stage 3, Mossebo to Mariannelund is 8 kilometers.

The Sevedeleden also has two access trails that connect the 50 kilometer circular loop with the Lönnebergaleden in the south and the Östgötaleden in the north.

Stage 4, access road Mossebo – Lönneberga 18 kilometers
This is an access trail and here you pass Pelarne church, which is one of Sweden's oldest wooden churches, to later come out onto the Lönnebergaleden.

Stage 5 Södra Kvill – Södra We and Stage 6 Södra Vi and Östgötagränsen
Södra Kvill to Södra Vi is 17km and part of the access trail to Östgötaleden. There is drinking water in the village of Södra Kvill, and you also pass Käbbo Vaxljustillverkning and Vimmerby Adventure on the way to Södra Vi.

Between Södra Vi and Östgötagränsen is 18 kilometers and is part of the access trail to Östgötaleden. This part passes the Djursdalarund, which is an approx. 7 kilometer circular loop.