"Runkesten" - the "Rocking Stone"

"Runkesten" - the "Rocking Stone"

"Runkesten" is about 5 meters high, 4 meters wide and 10 meters long and is considered by researchers to be the largest logan rock on earth, which can be rocked.

During the last million years, the so-called Quaternary period, we have had at least four periods when ice sheets covered most of Northern and Central Europe. The most recent ice sheet was constantly moving and directed towards the south over this part of the country.

It was the ice sheet, like a giant scraper 2-3 kilometers thick, that broke off and transported this strange block - perhaps hundreds of miles - to finally place it standing on its edge during the melting stage about 10-12 thousand years ago.

-A folk legend tells that it was the giant, Kåra, who in anger at being disturbed by the church bells, threw a stone from "Harekulla höjd" in the neighboring parish of Pelarne towards the Rumskulla church. When thrown, the stone cracked and one half ended up at "Krogstorp" in Pelarne and the other half – the Runkesten – landed here on the rocky hilll in "Rumskulladalen" to the south. According to the legend, Kåra, will one day return and destroy whoever knocks "the Runkesten" from its place.


Drive north on Mariannelundsvägen, park by the electrical cabinet on the left. Cross the road and continue a few hundred meters on Sevedeleden, then follow the sign "Kulturminne" until you reach the Runkesten.