Do you want to make a lifestyle career?

Vimmerby's location on a hill and with access to fishing, hunting and cultivation fields has attracted people during both the Stone Age and Bronze Age. Today, we may have some other requirements, but we are still looking for places that offer good living conditions in terms of living environment, work opportunities and quality of life. Just that, Astrid Lindgren's Vimmerby can offer. 

Vimmerby Business

In the 1200s and 1300s, there was life and movement around here and already at that time Vimmerby was mentioned as a city. In 1532 the city rights were abolished by Gustav Vasa as a favor the harbour cities which, according to the king, were central to the economy and defense of the country. The city privileges were given back by Karl XI in 1604, with reference to Vimmerby having three annual markets. It was mainly cattle that were traded on these markets and they were often long-distance guests who came to buy the well-known Vimmerby-bred oxen. It is hard to say in what extent the "market tradition" has been important for business development, but the three markest are still here and today Vimmerby has a significant manifacturing and tourism industy. 

National and international market 

Despite the small size of the city, Vimmerby can pride itself on a number of companies that are leading in the national and international markets. You will find Åbro Bryggeri, Arla, Frödinge (Orkla Foods), VimmerbyHus Svensk Tryckgjutning, Ljunghäll, BoKlok, Mercatus Engineering, V-TAB, Astrid Lindgrens Värld, Aura Light, RM Fönster, MaterialMännen, Ultra Tan, Nilsbuss, Roxx Communication Group, MIR-Gruppen, Effect Reklambyrå and many, many more. 

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