Midsummer in Vimmerby

Midsummer in Vimmerby<br />

Celebrate Midsummer in Vimmerby

Enjoy the Swedish midsummer celebrations in Vimmerby. Bring your flower crown and picnic basket to one of the celebrations. Sing the songs and learn the dance moves together with all the celebrating families.


June 21st

Vimmerby, at 18.00, Midsummer pole is being decorated in Gästgivarhagen.

Storebro, at 17.30, Gathering in Storebroparken. A tractor and wagon will take you flower picking. Afterwards the Midsummer pole is decorated. Bring your picnic basket.  


June 22nd

Vimmerby, at 13.00-15.00, Midsummer celebrations in Gästgivarhagen. Dance around the midsummer pole, enjoy a traditional dance show and entertainment. Coffee, soft drink and hot dogs are served. 

Astrid Lindgren's World, at 15.00, meet with Pippi, Emil, Ronja and all the others in Björkdungen. During the celebrations there will be dancing and playing with Miss Prysselius, Kling and Klang.

Kröngården, at 15.00, Midsummer celebration at Kröngården. The midsummer pole is raised. Games, competitions and more during the day. 17.15 Dance show with Vimmerby Folkdanslag. kl. 19.00 Music with Gunilla and Johan Sigvardsson.

Rumskulla, Midsummer celebration at Rumskulla Hembygdspark. At 10 am, the midsummer pole is being decorated. Everyone are welcome to participate, please bring your own flowers. At 15.00, the midsummer pole is raised. Dancing, café and lottery.

Tuna, Midsummer celebration in the hembygdspark. At 12.00, the midsummer pole will be raised. Vimmerby Folkdanslag performs, lotteries, quiz walk for young and old. Café.

at 14.00, gather in the hembygdspark to decorate the midsummer pole. Bring your own picnic basket. 

Södra Vi, at 13.00 we make garlands for the afternoon celebrations. At 16.30 Vimmerby orchestra is playing, at. 17.00 Gathering by the portal at Brunnsparken for a march to the park with garlands. Midsummer speach, entertainment, games, dancing, lottery and café. Free entrance and parking.

Locknevi, at 10.00, Midsummer celebration at Locknevi Bygdegård. Dance around the midsummer pole, lotteries, coffee and entertainment.

Storebro, at 15.30, Midsummer celebration in Storebroparken. Dance around the midsummer pole. Coffee and lotteries.

Tuna, at 14.00, we decorate the Midsummer pole, dancing, games and accordion music. Bring your own picknick basket.

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