Storgatan in Vimmerby

Christmas market at Astrid Lindgrens Näs<br />
Storgatan in Vimmerby<br />
Källängsparken<br />
Christmas tree in the town center.<br />
Market in Vimmerby<br />
Astrid Lindgrens Näs<br />
Christmas at Astrid Lindgrens Näs<br />

Christmas in Astrid Lindgrens Vimmerby

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! A very special time in Astrid Lindgren’s Vimmerby, with lots of authentic Småland Christmas traditions, particularly special if you experience it in a truly atmospheric environment. Visit Astrid Lindgrens Vimmerby during the festive season and enjoy genuine Smålander Christmas spirit.


Nobody has ever described Christmas as well as Astrid Lindgren. We always remember Christmas with Pippi, Lotta, Ronja and the children of Noisy Village with a smile on our lips and feelings of warmth in our hearts. Through her images of expectation, joy and beauty, Astrid Lindgren has described the Swedish Christmas better than any other author.

In November and December, Vimmerby offer a wonderful range of events, with Christmas/Advent markets, Christmas food, small town shopping and many other atmospheric experiences.



Advent Calendar in Astrid Lindgrens Vimmerby 2019

22/11-21/12 A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
22 and 23 November, 6, 7, 14, 20 and 21 December at 19.00. The theater group Komedianterna puts on seven shows of “a Christmas Carol”. Tickets are sold at Rosins Pappershandel. In Swedish. 

23/11-8/12 Christmas exhibition in Warmbadhuset
Saturdays and Sundays, 11.00-15.00, Exhibition with works made by Lena Cras from Kalmar, Stig Karlsson from Öland and Inger Jönsson from Landsbro.

23/11 Mini-Christmas and auction
17.00 - 21.00, Celebrate mini-Christmas in Brantestad School with a gift auction, dance around the Christmas tree, search for Santa, Lucia train, porridge, ham sandwich, mulled wine and gingerbread.

23-24/11 Christmas and crafts market
Sat: 11.00-15.00, Sun: 12.00-15.00, The library in Gullringen is filled with a variety of locally made and baked crafts.

25/11 Advent in Toverum
18.30-21.00, Test your creative abilities when the IOGT facilities in Toverum fills the tables with a all you might need for Advent wreath binding and other crafts. Coffee and lotteries.

26/11 Looking for Santa
18.00-19.00, Sneak around a darkened forest track with a flashlight looking for hidden Santa’s. Start by the orientation club house. 

29/11 Mjölkis and Mamma Maggan Christmas Show
19.00, Mjölkis and Mamma Maggan invites you to MX World Collection for a wonderful Christmas show together with a buffé of delicious Christmas food.

1/12 Christmas Sunday
12.00-16.00, Christmas in Vimmerby is starting with the yearly Christmas display Sunday where the Christmas shopping begins and the town is filled with activities.

1/12 Advent at Skogens Honung
12.00-17.00, Skogens Honungs honey café is open. Find tasteful local Christmas presents and enjoy the tasteful Christmas treats.

7/12 Christmas concert with Erik Linder
Kl. 17.00-19.00, Welcome into the heat and experience high quality music and a tongue in cheek story as the trio of Erik Linder and his faithful musicians take us on an adventure in "the meaning of Christmas" in Folkets Park, Vimmerby. Tickets are purchased at Rosins Pappershandel. Story in Swedish.

8/12 Christmas Market in Bullerbyn
11.00-15.00, Experience the Christmas atmosphere in Sevedstorp, Bullerbyn with local craftsmen, bread, candies, lotteries and coffee. Free entrance. 

8/12 Advent at Skogens Honung
12.00-17.00, Skogens Honungs honey café is open. Find tasteful local Christmas presents and enjoy the tasteful Christmas treats.

11/12 Santas night in Gästgivarehagen
17.00-19.00, Welcome to Gästgivarehagen where Santa will collect wish lists and spread Christmas joy. 

12/12 Lucia celebration at Vimmerby Library
10.10, The library in Vimmerby starts the Lucia celebration early with a very special Lucia train. After the beautiful singing, a traditional Lucia fika is served. 

13/12 Christmas opened at Ostkakeboden
13.30-17.30, Ostkakeboden in Frödinge is held open to offer you this year’s Swedish Christmas cheesecakes and other delights for all your Christmas gatherings. 

13-15/12 Christmas Market at Astrid Lindgrens Näs
10.00-17.00, Get the feeling of an old-fashioned Christmas market with craftsmen and exhibitors in art, food and manufacturing. During these days there is a possibility to book a guided tour in Astrid Lindgrens Christmas decorated childhood home. 12.00, 13.00 and 14.00 o’clock. In Swedish. 

14/12 Tomas Market in the city center of Vimmerby
The annual market fills the town with sales and activities for both children and adults.

14/12 Christmas party in Toverum
14.00-17.00, the IOGT facilities in Toverum invite you to a Christmas party with a small Christmas food table, lottery, coffee and cake. Bring a Christmas present for about 50 SEK for Christmas gift exchange. Notice no later than 25/11 to Janne 070-3442551. Entrance.

15/12 Meet Santa at Kalles Lek & Lattjo
14.00, Meet Santa and leave your wish list at Kalles Lek & Lattjo. 

15/12 Advent at Skogens Honung
12.00-17.00, Skogens Honungs honey café is open. Find tasteful local Christmas presents and enjoy the tasteful Christmas treats.

19/12 “ijuletid”, Christmas concert with Debbie Louise
19.30, Debbie Louise spreads joy and Christmas together with Magnus Johansson and Marcos Ubeda during this year's Christmas concert. Together with Storebrokören you are invited to a fantastic evening in Vimmerby Church. Tickets are sold at Rosins Pappershandel. 

19/12 Tomtenatta in Vimmerby
Until 22.00, the shops are held open until late and offers activities throughout the evening.

21/12 Christmas at the lodge
12.00-16.00, Enjoy the Christmas spirit at Fjälster Loge just a few days before Christmas. The café is open, the glögg is warm and the beautiful cafts are perfect for last minute gifts.

22/12 Advent at Skogens Honung
12.00-17.00, Skogens Honungs honey café is open. Find tasteful local Christmas presents and enjoy the tasteful Christmas treats.

24/12 Christmas Eve with Komedianterna
Kl. 14.00 - 18.00, Everyone is welcome to have a cup of coffee or stay all afternoon when Komedianterna offer Christmas dinner, coffee, nice company and of course showing of the Swedish tradition Donald Duck and his friends.

24/12 Christmas Eve at Mossebo Gästhem
Kl. 12.00-21.00 No one should be alone on Christmas Eve. Mossebo Gästhem therefore opens their door for anyone who, for various reasons, is unable to celebrate a Christmas with warmth, Christmas food and community. 

The list is being added to, with reservation for changes.



We wish you a very merry Christmas in Vimmerby!

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Enjoy the good Christmas food!

Christmas is approaching and around Vimmerby and its surroundings, variants are served by the classic Swedish Christmas table. There is something for everyone both inside and outside the city when it comes to Christmas spirit and well-cooked food. Invite family, friends and colleagues and enjoy the Christmas feeling!


Find which Christmas table is right for you:

Astrid Lindgrens Näs 
Astrid Lindgrens Värld
Björkbacken Kök&scen
Filmbyn Småland 
Fredensborgs Herrgård
Mossebo Gästhem
Vimmerby Bowling
Vimmerby Stadshotell 



Find the perfect Christmas presents!

Stroll around the city to the sound of Christmas music. Find Christmas presents for family and friends in the selection of local stores.

During Christmas, most stores are open every day of the week to help with Christmas shopping-tips when it suits you.


Weekdays open until 10.00 - 18.00.

Christmas Sunday, Sunday 1/12 open 12-16
Saturday 7/12 open until 15.00
Sunday 8/12 open 12.00-16.00
Saturday 14/12 open until 15.00
Sunday 15/12 open 12.00-16.00
Tomtenatta, Thursday 19/12 open until 22:00
Saturday 21/12 open until 15.00
Sunday 22/12 open 12.00-16.00
New Year's Eve, open until 13.00