Feel the quiet in Vimmerby.

Feel the quiet in Vimmerby.<br />

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Foto Nils-Erik Pettersson

<br />Nils-Erik Pettersson
<br />Astrid Lindgrens Näs
<br />Ricard Estay
<br />Astrid Lindgrens Näs
<br />
<br />Studio Ghibli
<br />Norsteds Förlag

Astrid Lindgren - ever popular

What is it that makes Astrid Lindgren ever popular? The simple answer is of course – her books and films! This year, for example, Pippi Longstocking celebrates seventy years, and we are of course celebrating that. Japan's biggest TV channel is rolling out a new animated manga version of Ronja the Robber's Daughter, and here in Sweden a brand new book of previously unpublished texts by Astrid Lindgren is coming out. Read this interesting article about Astrid Lindgren on our homepage.

The books, stories and films live on and continue to attract new readers and viewers – quite simply because they are so good.But there is more to Astrid Lindgren. It has to do with her as a person, her life story and her clear stand on a range of issues.

This summer, the exhibition ‘Hela världen brinner!’ (The whole world is on fire) opens at Astrid Lindgren’s Näs in Vimmerby, the place where Astrid was born and grew up. The exhibition is based on Astrid Lindgren’s war diaries and the Second World War in Sweden and poses the question: who dares to take a stand today as Astrid did then?

At the end of last year, a new big biography was published about Astrid Lindgren, first in Denmark and then in Sweden, and this year also in Norway and Germany. The author Jens Andersen writes about Astrid’s life, her anguish and difficulties as well as joyful subjects and the bases of her fantastic storytelling. 

In the end, it is Astrid Lindgren the person that we meet, also in her own books. And the way she sees the world, people and nature has had a greater impact on our time and society than we may realise. 

Astrid was a spirited woman who fought for the rights of children and animals, for nature, culture and reading, for justice and peace and for non-violence. Astrid is still admired and loved for that. That is of course why she has her portrait on the new 20 krona note, the most common and child-friendly of all the notes! The note will be released in October this year.

A few months before, on Friday 8 May, seventy years after the end of the Second World War, a new book by Astrid Lindgren will be published: Krigsdagböcker 1939-1945 (War diaries 1939-1945). It is a unique event. In the diaries, which have not been published before, Astrid describes her everyday life in Stockholm, what is happening in the world and Sweden’s part in the war. It is a very personal portrayal of how dramatic world events affect us all, and the texts are filled with sorrow and horror. The diaries give a warm and vivid insight into Astrid Lindgren’s life in the years before she broke through as a world-famous author.

Moreover, many have probably noticed that the Astrid year started already last year. Over the Christmas and New Year holiday, Sveriges Television (the Swedish public service broadcaster, SVT) aired its big documentary venture ‘Astrid’ in three hour-long instalments at peak viewing time, but there had in fact been an exclusive sneak preview of the film in Vimmerby already before Lucia Day (13 December). 

“It seemed only natural that the Vimmerby inhabitants should be the first to see it. Everything did, after all, start in Vimmerby. And the old film from Vimmerby in 1920 plays an important role in my documentary,” says the film’s producer Kristina Lindström at SVT.

Further films, in cinema format, are on the way. The script is ready and waiting for the big film The Brothers Lionheart, which is planned for this year. Planning is also under way for a Danish feature film that is said to be about Astrid Lindgren as a young woman.

And so it continues – Astrid Lindgren is ever popular, and Astrid and her stories are forever in our hearts.

Text: Kjell Åke Hansson, VD Astrid Lindgrens Näs (2015)Kjell Åke Hansson

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Foto Astrid Lindgrens Näs

<br />Astrid Lindgrens Näs
<br />Sabina Sakari
<br />Astrid Lindgrens Näs
<br />Astrid Lindgrens Näs
<br />Annelie Karlsson

Gardens for work and pleasure – to visit and admire

People have always had gardens, usually for work but sometimes just for pleasure. And, not least, as a status symbol, a way to show off power and wealth.

Europe’s rulers created magnificent gardens with avenues, fountains and enormous plantations to impress their contemporaries. The French Versailles is unthinkable without its magnificent park as are Sanssouci in Potsdam without its imposing terrace and the Dutch Het Loo without its kilometre-long hedges.

In Sweden, we have been a little more modest. For us, the garden has been a place of work and purpose, cultivation and harvests, maybe because it started out as a cabbage patch for the kitchen with cabbage and beans and the odd herb.

At the turn of the last century, allotments came to the towns to give people somewhere to grow their potatoes and plant fruit trees. The idea behind allotments came from Germany and Denmark but quickly caught on in Sweden. In the towns, allotments were annexed and, quite simply, planted for people’s survival. Today, the allotment areas are small oases in the centres of towns, perfect for walks and inspiring for those who want new ideas for their own garden or balcony.

In time, gardens have come to be expected. When the first council estates were built, fruit trees and berry bushes were of course included. And in the 60s when the welfare state began to become established and people had more holiday, the Sunday excursions went to Norrviken’s gardens in Båstad and the flower garden in Blekinge’s Eringsboda.

In Helsingborg, King Gustav VI Adolf, together with his first wife, the English Crown Princess Margaret, put Sofiero on the map thanks to its designed flower borders and rhododendron plantations, and in the 90s a garden party started there that attracted many followers.

Today, the towns and cities in Sweden compete to redesign their old parks, maybe thanks to Enköping, which was the first, attracting the Dutch Piet Oudolf to create beautiful perennial plantations in the centre of the town. Enköping has become world-famous and has gained followers, including Sölvesborg and Skärholmen. Thanks to its year as Culture Capital, Umeå has a new park designed by the city’s son, Ulf Nordfjell. Gardens make a difference and have come to be expected.

Today, an increasing number of private individuals also open their own gardens. Every other year, the event A Thousand Gardens is held when all kinds of gardens are shown in a single day, and many other events around Sweden inspire us to show our own green worlds – to create desire and give inspiration. “This is how I do it, welcome in and have a look!” When A Thousand Gardens was last organised, almost 700 gardens opened. Skåne and Småland are the provinces with most open private gardens.

It is of course particularly nice when there are new public gardens that want to be on show. In summer 2014, Karin and Carl Larsson’s garden in Sundborn in Dalarna opened in a new guise. The garden has been recreated as it was 100 years ago with plants typical of the time. In June the same summer, the then Minister for Culture opened Astrid Lindgren’s Näs, a new open garden with space for culture and debate, seriousness and humour. The garden is an important part of our cultural heritage and emphasises the history and people. Gardens are important and involve everyone. As a tourist, you should be able to go anywhere in our long country and there should always be a garden to visit. Maybe a private one or an allotment area, a town or city park, a churchyard, a collection of trees or just a small green patch to sit on and enjoy the scents of the flowers.

Gardens have become a popular movement and a sort of general education. Through others, we learn more about our own green places on earth. That the garden is a place of relaxation and tranquillity is nothing new, but that there are now so many places to enjoy them is fantastic. And that the number continues to grow is even better, for the sake of people and the environment.


Text: Gunnel Carlson

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Discover Vimmerby by bike

Do you like to exercise? Would you like to explore new parts of our surroundings? Are you interested in enjoying more of the nature in Småland?
If so, we would like to encourage you to experience Vimmerby by bike. Vimmerby is a beautiful treasure if you are that person who likes to explore new things from the saddle of your bike.

The scenery of Vimmerby offers a lot of things that are characteristic for Småland. You will pass deep forests and pasturelands and go on snaky roads past lakes and red houses. You will also notice that the landscape is partly hilly which will break your sweat and make your leg muscles hurt on your conquest to climb some of the hills. You will then get your reward when you reach the top and can just relax and roll through the beautiful scenery.

The roads are many and both the destination and distance are up to you. During the summer season there are also several opportunities to make a pit stop at one of the cafés, bathing places, sights or attractions in the area. In other words, there are a lot of reasons why you should experience Vimmerby by bike.

Together with Sweden by Bike we have created a couple of charming routs we believe are worth exploring. You will find these on the map linked below together with information about what is worth seeing and experiencing along the way. You will also find examples of bike rentals and two of the hotels that offer packages for bikers.

We wish you a nice tour in Astrid Lindgrens Vimmerby, and remember that we are always here for you if you have any questions.


Here is a link where you find our suggested routs!

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Swimming in Nossen

Swimming in Nossen<br />

Let's go swimming!

Around Vimmerby you’re never far from a refreshing dip in a lake. Choose from established swimming places like Nossen and Krön, a small sandy beach or ’your very own’ lake for a relaxing dip and a quiet moment. There are hundreds to choose from!


Swimming lakes:
1. Anen
2. Dammen i Gullringen
3. Dammen i Storebro
4. Gissen
5. Gränssjön
6. Holmsjön
7. Krönbaden
8. Nossenbadet
9. Solnen
10. Stjärnevik
11. Spilhammar
12. Brosjön



Antique and retro

Antique and retro<br />

Antique, retro and flea markets!

Browse among the fantastic nostalgia at one of the many flea markets or antique dealers. Large premises filled from floor to ceiling to individual shops with treasures from then and now attract visitors of all ages. Welcome to take part in the exciting treasure hunt among retro, antiques and curios. For those who shop for fun, the environment or with the heart.

Take a tour of the city's stores and find your favorites, several of the shops are open all year round while others are open during the summer months. With a beautiful mix of clothes and furniture, household items and books, old and new, everyone can find something during a flea market round in Vimmerby.


Click here to find Vimmerby's flea markets and antique shops!

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Midsummer in Vimmerby

Midsummer in Vimmerby<br />

Celebrate Midsummer in Vimmerby

Enjoy the Swedish midsummer celebrations in Vimmerby. Bring your flower crown and picnic basket to one of the celebrations. Sing the songs and learn the dance moves together with all the celebrating families.

June 20th

Vimmerby, at 18.00, Midsummer pole is being decorated in Gästgivarhagen.

Storebro, at 17.30, Gathering in Storebroparken. A tractor and wagon will take you flower picking. 
Afterwards the Midsummer pole is decorated. Bring your picnic basket.  

Locknevi, at 17.00, Midsummer pole is being decorated at Locknevi Bygdegård.

Rumskulla, at 17.00-20.00, Midsummer pole is being decorated.


June 21st

Vimmerby, at 13.00-15.00, Midsummer celebrations in Gästgivarhagen. Dance around the 
midsummer pole and enjoy a traditional dance show. Coffee, soft drink and hot dogs are served. 

Astrid Lindgren’s World, at 15.00, dance to all the classics songs with all the characters in 
Bjökdungen. Miss Prysselius who has stable help from Kling and Klang, and the eminent orchestra 
will lead you through an hour of games, dance and singning. 

Rumskulla, at 15.00-17.00, Midsummer celebration at Rumskulla Hembygdspark. At 15.00, the 
midsummer pole is raised. Dancing, café and lottery.

Pelarne, at 14.00, gather in the hembygdspark to decorate the midsummer pole. Bring your own 
picnic basket. 

Södra Vi, at 13.00 we make garlands for the afternoon celebrations. At 16.30 Vimmerby orchestra is playing, at. 17.00 Gathering by the portal at Brunnsparken for a march to the park with garlands. 
Midsummer speach, entertainment, games, dancing, lottery and café. Free entrance and parking.

Locknevi, at 10.00-12.00, Midsummer celebration at Locknevi Bygdegård. Dance around the 
midsummer pole, live music and homemade Swedish fika. 

Storebro, at 15.30, Midsummer celebration in Storebroparken. Dance around the midsummer pole. Entertainment by Svante Sigvardsson. Coffee, candy for the children and lotteries.

Tuna, at 12.00-14.00, at 12.00 we decorate the Midsummer pole, at 13.00 music and dance by 
Vimmerby Folkdanslag, games and accordion music. Bring your own picknick basket.

Changes may occur


Norra Kvill National Park

Norra Kvill National Park<br />

Discover the forest

Vimmerby has more than 170 kilometer of hiking trails and walks through forest and fields. Broader footpaths together with winding tracks and steep slopes mean that a day in the forest offers something for everyone. Bring a picnic basket or containers to collect blueberries, or why not make the experience a multi-day trip and bring the tent?

Sevedeleden is the longest trail in the municipality, at 50 km, plus side trails of 18 and 35 km respectively. The trail runs through forests, across meadows and past interesting woodland sights. Along the trail you will also encounter several historical locations and interesting natural phenomena.

Brantestad nature trail takes you on a 9.9 km long hike through fields and forested land; a walk that gives you the opportunity to discover ancient monuments, beautiful vegetation filled with a variation of plants and to stop for a picnic at one of the beautiful rest areas. 

Djursdalarundan takes hikers on a 7 kilometer circular trail with stops to admire both natural phenomena and exciting cultural history. The perfect trail for the happy and cultured hiker.

Norra Kvill National Park offers mystery and magic in the wonderful Småland forest, with two circular trails of 2.5 and 4 kilometer. The tough hike has its own rewards, which you dis-cover in the calm surroundings of Lake Igdölen or the view from Idhöjden viewpoint.  

Ingebo Hagar’s four hiking trails, from 1.2-4.2 kilometer, offer a chance to experience the Småland forests with both short and longer walks through beautiful mixed forest. 

The 4 km of the Smé-åna trail is a journey through the history of Gullringen, from the mill pond and the highest waterfall in the area, where you might encounter white-throated dippers and otters, to the former power station and past the grotto in Skomakarberget (Cobbler Hill), to end with a section of the old historical Royal Way. 


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Information for your hiking adventure:


Brantestad Naturrunda


Norra Kvill National park

Ingebo Hagar 




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Spring in Djursdala

Spring in Djursdala<br />

Easter in Vimmerby

Easter has come to Vimmerby. Fill the days with activities of all varieties. From exhibitions and food to nature and play. Get inspired by what is offered during the week below.

Filmbyn Småland
April 15-17, at 10-16 and April 23-26 at 11-16
Experience Astrid Lindgren's film magic during Easter at Filmbyn Småland. Visit Pippi's kitchen, skip the digital hell and record your favorite song in the singing booth.

Egg hunting at the VOK cottage
April 17, at 17.30-18.30
Meet Easter bunnies, the chicken, the Easter bunny and the carrot and help to find eggs in the forests at the VOK cottage. Starting fee 20 SEK.

Day cluster at Eriksgården
April 17 and 25, at 10.00-13.30
Day school during the Easter holidays for children aged 6-11. Play with the farm's ponies, go horse and carriage, shoot the farm's other animals, grill sausages and play at the troll mountain. SEK 220 / child Registration for 070-245 33 17.

Opening and Easter buffet at Astrid Lindgren's Näs
April 18-June 13, at 11-16
Astrid Lindgren's Näs opens for the season, April 18th. Enjoy the spring in the gardens and the exhibition The whole worlds Astrid Lindgren. The video work Vimmerby's Vaggvisa, by artist Petri Saarikko is shown and the restaurant offers homemade classic Easter buffet with modern twist.

Exhibition Warmbadhuset
April 19-22, at 11-15 am
"Creative meetings", an exhibition of handicrafts in various techniques

Easter opening in Virum Älgpark
19, 21 and 23 April, two safari trips a day at 11 and 13, 25 April, a safari ride at 11 am.
Join us on safari trips in the moose farm in Virum and meet Harald, Erik and the farm's all moose.

Easter masquerade in Gästgivarehagen
April 19, at 12-16
Celebrate Easter in is the best costume during the Easter masquerade in Gästgivarhagen. Walk tip walk, spin Easter egg wheels, participate in toy lottery and much. Perhaps the Easter bunny also pops up and offers sweets. The surplus is donated to Min Stora Dag, starting card 20 SEK.

Afternoon tea at Fredensborgs Herrgård
April 19, at 15.30
On Good Friday, Fredenborgs Herrgård opens its lounges and invites you to Afternoon Tea. Enjoy freshly baked scones, tea and other good. 145kronor / person. Pre-booked 0492-306 00 or

Horseback riding on Eriksgården
April 20-22, at 15-18
Enjoy a 20-minute ride in the woods and snuggle with Eriksgården's horses during the Easter weekend. Book through text, +46 (0) 70-245 33 17. 200 SEK / person

Moonlight rides at Eriksgården
Enjoy the starry sky and beautiful moonlight from a horseback in the beautiful nature of Fjälster. Start at 7:30 pm daily. For bookings, call 070-245 33 17 after 18:00.

Kalles Lek & lattjo
All days, at 10-19
Spend the Easter jumping, climbing, bouncing and going out for long slides. Dive into a sea of balls and experience the whole turtle's world. At 14.00 every day, special Easter holiday activities take place.



Information for your hiking adventure:


Brantestad Naturrunda


Norra Kvill National park

Ingebo Hagar




Katthult, Gibberyd

Katthult, Gibberyd<br />

Find the film settings

Almost all the books by Astrid Lindgren have had some kind of connection to Vimmerby. When some of the stories were turned into films, Vimmerby became the place to go to, to find the true feeling.

The idyllic Gibberyd outside Rumskulla was home to That Emil and the Svensson family in Katthult between 1971 and 1973. A little later, between 1986 and 1987, the film about the children of Noisy Village was shot by the three small houses in Sevedstorp just outside Pelarne.

Even Troublemaker Street is here in Vimmerby, right inside the gates of Astrid Lindgren’s World. In the beginning of the 1990s, there was a film team headed by Lotta on the hilly little street. On to Mariannelund and Filmbyn Småland where the films continue to take place in the interactive exhibition with classic studio constructions and original costumes from the films.


Bullerbyn, Sevedstorp

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Safari in Virum Moose Park

Safari in Virum Moose Park<br />

Meet the King of the Forest

The winding road through the forests outside Tuna leads to Virum Moose Park, a place where every visit is something out of the ordinary for children and adults.

Kjell and Helene Svensson’s beautiful farm in Virum differs from most other Swedish farms. Instead of cows, horses, pigs and other farm animals, you are met by 9 moose and 28 fallow deer in the grounds. Kjell and Helene have run their moose park just outside Tuna for more than ten years, a journey that started in 2007 with four moose and some ten fallow deer. The park’s legend and celebrity, the bull Harald, a whole 12 years old, is still part of the growing family, which consists of two beautiful moose heifers and several magnificent bulls who despite their size are incredibly calm and friendly when meeting visitors. 

In their natural environment, the moose live, play and enjoy being together, which can be seen on one of the many safari tours that run through the enclosure in the summer half of the year. A unique moose experience on which you can see the moose play together, go for a dip in the dam and munch on the goodies they are offered.

On a tour, you can meet and take part in the feeding of Virum’s moose. Potato slices, bits of apple and sugar beets will attract the moose even closer. The 500 kilo moose carefully eat from the hands of children and adults on the safari tour. Those who are brave can put a piece in their mouths and get a real moose kiss! 


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Opening hours 2019

Easter Holiday

19, 21 and 23 April.
Safari at 11.00 a.m. (11.00) and 1.00 p.m. (13.00)
25 April. Safari at 11.00 a.m. (11.00)

Spring season

1 May and Sundays 5, 12 and 19 May.
Safari at 11.00 a.m. (11.00), 12.15 (noon) and 1.30 p.m. (13.30)
Sunday 26 May and Sundays 2, 9 and 16 June.
Safari at 11.00 a.m. (11.00), 12.15 (noon), 1.30 p.m. (13.30) and 2.45 p.m. (14.45)

Summer season

22 June - 25 August. Open every day 10.30 a.m (10.30) – 4 p.m. (16.00)
Five safari tours daily, approximately 1 hour and 15 min apart. First tour at 11.00 a.m. (11.00) and last at 4 p.m. (16.00).
26 August – 1 September. Two safari tours daily, 11.00 a.m. (11.00) and 1.00 p.m. (13.00)
2 September – 8 September. Safari at 12.00 p.m. (noon)


Kalles Lek & Lattjo and MX World Collection

Kalles Lek & Lattjo and MX World Collection<br />

One small project became two big attractions

For many years, Magnus Frodig and Maria Carlsson’s home was filled with motorcycles and different kinds of projects. Enthusiasts from all over Europe came to the couple’s home to see the big collection of unique vehicles. With a new family, it was a lot to have at home, and the solution was to move to new premises, a solution that became the start of something much bigger.

Magnus’s interest in motorcycles and the opportunity to create something of his own started in earnest at Maria’s father’s lodge where a dusty old motorcycle stood waiting for someone to care for it. A wash led to a change of several parts and ended up with a complete renovation. Since that day, the creation of his own motorcycles continued and his interest developed into a collection of unique world champion bikes from the four corners of the world.

At the same time, Maria was at home with active young children with a lot of energy. Visiting playlands was something that suited the whole family but always required a lot of travel and planning. The idea of a playland in the hometown of Vimmerby developed and Maria started to think about how the perfect playland would be designed. A decision on an underwater theme was soon made, and the turtle Kalle became the public image. Much thought was put into creating nice colourful premises with fun activities, home-made food, service-oriented staff and good logistics. All to create fun for children and to get them to run around.

The premises of the two new visitor attractions were built from scratch, and several small entrepreneurs from Vimmerby got together to create a strong cohesive building team. The exhibition hall filled with motors and the colourful playland were soon ready, and the daily visits began to be mixed with big and small events. So far, 10-15 different motocross and speedway world champions have held presentations at MX World Collection and several food and music evenings have been arranged. At the same time, Kalles Lek & Lattjo has become a meeting point for children and their families with morning get-togethers, a dance school and disco.

In the first five years, MX World Collection’s world-unique collection of motocross cycles has impressed motor enthusiasts, and Kalles Lek & Lattjo’s many activities have let children of all ages have fun from morning to evening. Two growing visitor attractions created for Vimmerby, by Vimmerby. 


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Vimmerby Tells

Vimmerby Tells<br />

Vimmerby Tells

Vimmerby Tells, "Vimmerby berättar", is a new annual festival aimed at literature for children and young people. The festival is taking place in Vimmerby during October 17-19, 2019. Vimmerby, in the heart of of Småland, is also known as the childhood home of Astrid Lindgren, famous author of many children books.

Vimmerby tells is a personal festival with all the oppportunities of what a small country town can offer. The festival offers meetings with authors, book talks, workshops, seminars and other events. The focus is on literature for children and young people, but there will also be other kind of events, guided tours and music.

The key values of the festival are Responsability, Courage and Fantasy, much based on the authorship of Astrid Lindgren and the values her writing brings to readers all over the world. Vimmerby tells is also an interesting platform for international exchange opportunities for people interested in literature for children and young people.


Vimmerby tells is organized by Vimmerby Municipality together with Region Kalmar County and other regional and local stakeholders.


Take a walk

Take a walk<br />

Take a walk!

Do you ever wonder what is behind the doors of the old houses along Storgatan, where Astrid Lindgren got her first job or where there are ancient monuments from the younger Iron Age? Welcome to take part in two walking trails, one in Astrid Lindgren's footsteps and one through the culture and history of Vimmerby.

Astrid Lindgren's stories are filled with details and tales from places and people who have been a part of her life in Vimmerby. In the walk "in Astrid Lindgren's footsteps" you will get a closer look into the places that have shaped some of your favorite stories.

In the walk "Culture and History" you get a deep dive into Vimmerby's history mixed with exciting anecdotes about places and people. From the declared heritage house on Storgatan to Vimmerby's church history, the walk leads you through the city.

Take the opportunity to spend time between experiences, put a cultural stamp on the shopping trip or combine your lunch with lighter walk.

Take part in the entire walk or select parts of them. It’s all up to you!


Choose your walk:

In Astrid Lindgrens footstep

Culture and History

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Astrid Lindgrens World

Astrid Lindgrens World<br />

When autumn comes to Astrid Lindgren’s World!

Astrid Lindgren’s World is a completely different experience in the autumn school holiday to the summer. The leaves on the trees turn red and yellow, and when it gets dark we light fire baskets and lanterns to illuminate the park. The fresh, clear air mixes with the scent of barbecues and freshly roasted almonds.


Just like in an old-fashioned market, there are lots of exciting, nice, well-produced and sometimes unusual products from more than 90 exhibitors selected by us. Many of them sell handicraft, and much of it is traditional. There are samples of skilled craftsmanship, and most things are produced locally, especially the food. When your stomach starts to rumble, there are plenty of tasty things to choose from. We cook everything ourselves and try to buy raw produce and products from the local area. In our restaurants Majkens Mat and Stadsmästargården, we serve hearty Småland homely fare, including tasty and well-cooked dishes such as meatballs with mashed potatoes and potato pancakes with bacon. We also have many nice cafés and small eateries with everything from buns, pastries and sandwiches to pancakes and waffles with jam and cream.


During this year’s autumn school holiday, everything will be like it was last year. Well, maybe not everything. That Emil, Ronja the Robber’s Daughter, Mardie, Rasmus and Paradis-Oskar will be here with family and friends throughout the autumn school holiday. You will see them performing scenes from the stories and meet them in the market.


And just as usual, you can meet Pippi Longstocking in the park. But she won’t be on location in Villekulla Cottage as she usually is, as we are making it nice for next season when the story about Pippi Longstocking celebrates 75 years.

Svenska German

Autumn school holiday opening:


 19-20 October and 26 October-3 November,

10 am-5 pm

29 October-1 November,

10 am-7 pm



Evening opening

On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, the park is open in the evening until 7 pm. The performances with Ronja the Robber’s Daughter up in Matt’s Fort are a little later on these four days. Come after work or just to experience the park in the autumn darkness lit up by lights, cressets and fire baskets.


Storgatan in Vimmerby

Christmas market at Astrid Lindgrens Näs<br />
Storgatan in Vimmerby<br />
Källängsparken<br />
Christmas tree in the town center.<br />
Market in Vimmerby<br />
Astrid Lindgrens Näs<br />
Christmas at Astrid Lindgrens Näs<br />

Christmas in Astrid Lindgrens Vimmerby

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! A very special time in Astrid Lindgren’s Vimmerby, with lots of authentic Småland Christmas traditions, particularly special if you experience it in a truly atmospheric environment. Visit Astrid Lindgrens Vimmerby during the festive season and enjoy genuine Smålander Christmas spirit.


Nobody has ever described Christmas as well as Astrid Lindgren. We always remember Christmas with Pippi, Lotta, Ronja and the children of Noisy Village with a smile on our lips and feelings of warmth in our hearts. Through her images of expectation, joy and beauty, Astrid Lindgren has described the Swedish Christmas better than any other author.

In November and December, Vimmerby offer a wonderful range of events, with Christmas/Advent markets, Christmas food, small town shopping and many other atmospheric experiences.



Advent Calendar in Astrid Lindgrens Vimmerby 2019

22/11-21/12 A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
22 and 23 November, 6, 7, 14, 20 and 21 December at 19.00. The theater group Komedianterna puts on seven shows of “a Christmas Carol”. Tickets are sold at Rosins Pappershandel. In Swedish. 

23/11-8/12 Christmas exhibition in Warmbadhuset
Saturdays and Sundays, 11.00-15.00, Exhibition with works made by Lena Cras from Kalmar, Stig Karlsson from Öland and Inger Jönsson from Landsbro.

23/11 Mini-Christmas and auction
17.00 - 21.00, Celebrate mini-Christmas in Brantestad School with a gift auction, dance around the Christmas tree, search for Santa, Lucia train, porridge, ham sandwich, mulled wine and gingerbread.

23-24/11 Christmas and crafts market
Sat: 11.00-15.00, Sun: 12.00-15.00, The library in Gullringen is filled with a variety of locally made and baked crafts.

25/11 Advent in Toverum
18.30-21.00, Test your creative abilities when the IOGT facilities in Toverum fills the tables with a all you might need for Advent wreath binding and other crafts. Coffee and lotteries.

26/11 Looking for Santa
18.00-19.00, Sneak around a darkened forest track with a flashlight looking for hidden Santa’s. Start by the orientation club house. 

29/11 Mjölkis and Mamma Maggan Christmas Show
19.00, Mjölkis and Mamma Maggan invites you to MX World Collection for a wonderful Christmas show together with a buffé of delicious Christmas food.

1/12 Christmas Sunday
12.00-16.00, Christmas in Vimmerby is starting with the yearly Christmas display Sunday where the Christmas shopping begins and the town is filled with activities.

1/12 Advent at Skogens Honung
12.00-17.00, Skogens Honungs honey café is open. Find tasteful local Christmas presents and enjoy the tasteful Christmas treats.

7/12 Christmas concert with Erik Linder
Kl. 17.00-19.00, Welcome into the heat and experience high quality music and a tongue in cheek story as the trio of Erik Linder and his faithful musicians take us on an adventure in "the meaning of Christmas" in Folkets Park, Vimmerby. Tickets are purchased at Rosins Pappershandel. Story in Swedish.

8/12 Christmas Market in Bullerbyn
11.00-15.00, Experience the Christmas atmosphere in Sevedstorp, Bullerbyn with local craftsmen, bread, candies, lotteries and coffee. Free entrance. 

8/12 Advent at Skogens Honung
12.00-17.00, Skogens Honungs honey café is open. Find tasteful local Christmas presents and enjoy the tasteful Christmas treats.

11/12 Santas night in Gästgivarehagen
17.00-19.00, Welcome to Gästgivarehagen where Santa will collect wish lists and spread Christmas joy. 

12/12 Lucia celebration at Vimmerby Library
10.10, The library in Vimmerby starts the Lucia celebration early with a very special Lucia train. After the beautiful singing, a traditional Lucia fika is served. 

13/12 Christmas opened at Ostkakeboden
13.30-17.30, Ostkakeboden in Frödinge is held open to offer you this year’s Swedish Christmas cheesecakes and other delights for all your Christmas gatherings. 

13-15/12 Christmas Market at Astrid Lindgrens Näs
10.00-17.00, Get the feeling of an old-fashioned Christmas market with craftsmen and exhibitors in art, food and manufacturing. During these days there is a possibility to book a guided tour in Astrid Lindgrens Christmas decorated childhood home. 12.00, 13.00 and 14.00 o’clock. In Swedish. 

14/12 Tomas Market in the city center of Vimmerby
The annual market fills the town with sales and activities for both children and adults.

14/12 Christmas party in Toverum
14.00-17.00, the IOGT facilities in Toverum invite you to a Christmas party with a small Christmas food table, lottery, coffee and cake. Bring a Christmas present for about 50 SEK for Christmas gift exchange. Notice no later than 25/11 to Janne 070-3442551. Entrance.

15/12 Meet Santa at Kalles Lek & Lattjo
14.00, Meet Santa and leave your wish list at Kalles Lek & Lattjo. 

15/12 Advent at Skogens Honung
12.00-17.00, Skogens Honungs honey café is open. Find tasteful local Christmas presents and enjoy the tasteful Christmas treats.

19/12 “ijuletid”, Christmas concert with Debbie Louise
19.30, Debbie Louise spreads joy and Christmas together with Magnus Johansson and Marcos Ubeda during this year's Christmas concert. Together with Storebrokören you are invited to a fantastic evening in Vimmerby Church. Tickets are sold at Rosins Pappershandel. 

19/12 Tomtenatta in Vimmerby
Until 22.00, the shops are held open until late and offers activities throughout the evening.

21/12 Christmas at the lodge
12.00-16.00, Enjoy the Christmas spirit at Fjälster Loge just a few days before Christmas. The café is open, the glögg is warm and the beautiful cafts are perfect for last minute gifts.

22/12 Advent at Skogens Honung
12.00-17.00, Skogens Honungs honey café is open. Find tasteful local Christmas presents and enjoy the tasteful Christmas treats.

24/12 Christmas Eve with Komedianterna
Kl. 14.00 - 18.00, Everyone is welcome to have a cup of coffee or stay all afternoon when Komedianterna offer Christmas dinner, coffee, nice company and of course showing of the Swedish tradition Donald Duck and his friends.

24/12 Christmas Eve at Mossebo Gästhem
Kl. 12.00-21.00 No one should be alone on Christmas Eve. Mossebo Gästhem therefore opens their door for anyone who, for various reasons, is unable to celebrate a Christmas with warmth, Christmas food and community. 

The list is being added to, with reservation for changes.



We wish you a very merry Christmas in Vimmerby!

Svenska German

Enjoy the good Christmas food!

Christmas is approaching and around Vimmerby and its surroundings, variants are served by the classic Swedish Christmas table. There is something for everyone both inside and outside the city when it comes to Christmas spirit and well-cooked food. Invite family, friends and colleagues and enjoy the Christmas feeling!


Find which Christmas table is right for you:

Astrid Lindgrens Näs 
Astrid Lindgrens Värld
Björkbacken Kök&scen
Filmbyn Småland 
Fredensborgs Herrgård
Mossebo Gästhem
Vimmerby Bowling
Vimmerby Stadshotell 



Find the perfect Christmas presents!

Stroll around the city to the sound of Christmas music. Find Christmas presents for family and friends in the selection of local stores.

During Christmas, most stores are open every day of the week to help with Christmas shopping-tips when it suits you.


Weekdays open until 10.00 - 18.00.

Christmas Sunday, Sunday 1/12 open 12-16
Saturday 7/12 open until 15.00
Sunday 8/12 open 12.00-16.00
Saturday 14/12 open until 15.00
Sunday 15/12 open 12.00-16.00
Tomtenatta, Thursday 19/12 open until 22:00
Saturday 21/12 open until 15.00
Sunday 22/12 open 12.00-16.00
New Year's Eve, open until 13.00


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