Söderhult Schnitzel Alm

Söderhult Schnitzel Alm

It’s a little surprising when you find an Austrian restaurant in the middle of the Småland forest. The menu includes variations of Wienerschnitzel, Söderhult’s restaurant Schnitzel Alm’s specialty.

For the schnitzel, you can choose between Austrian potato salad or french fries. We make the potato salad with oil, vinegar, onion, broth and it is served lukewarm. We do not only have Wienerschnitzel and Cordon bleu on our menu. During the summer season we also offer truffle cordon bleu with fresh truffles from France.

In late summer, we have regulars who are happy to come and eat the delicious crunchy Bavarian pork leg. We serve it with fresh cabbage salad seasoned with cumin and garlic.

For the children we serve grilled sausages with french fries or schnitzel.

To guarantee this high standard, you need to book your visit in advance and payment is made via invoice or cash.



Slitshult 723,
598 72 Södra Vi

+46 70 579 3134