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Bug training with Johan Åhs: One of Sweden's most hired trainers!

28 April - 10:00 - 16:00
vimmerby sports dance club log

This training is adapted so that you, as a social couple dancer but also a competitive dancer, can provide yourself with knowledge to develop into a better dancer.

The training is in pairs, so you will mostly dance with the partner you signed up with.
Depending on the exercise, we will use forward-looking statements to gain an increased understanding of the exercise.

We train here on things that make us better dancers.

The level requires that you have passed the continuation course (step 3 or 2) more than once.


11/2 at Valhall, Hultsfred

10/3 at Pumpen, Södra Vi

28/4 at Pumpen, Södra Vi

At 10.00-16.00 all occasions

The cost per occasion: SEK 500/person
The cost for all 3 occasions: SEK 1000/person

For registration: send your name and your partner's name and how many times you will go to kurs06@visdk.se
Registration is binding.

Pumpen Södra Vi

Industrigatan 13
Södra Vi, 59080 Sweden