Cycle the Dacketramp. The entire cycleway is 170km long, but obviously you can choose to cycle a shorter distance than that. You can stop and look at a wide range of heritage items and the unbelievably beautiful scenery along the way.
The road meanders through the summer vegetation. The wheels crunch over the gravel and the wind flows through my hair. We now have a completely new cycle track which goes through the entire municipality. It is a rounded tour of 170 km which has been marked out both on the map and in reality. So you would be doing yourself a favour if you did it in stages. But it is worth the effort. The track meanders
through the small, extremely lightly-trafficked roads.Up the hills, and down the hills. Past lakes, through forests, meadows and over bridges. There are no school transports during the summer and the milk lorry fetches the milk in the morning. So you are almost entirely alone on the road. Watch out for the postman though…
The track has also been cleverly planned so that the cyclist passes most of the best places the municipality has to offer as regards sites worth seeing. The road itself is of course well signposted so there is practically no risk of your getting lost. And of course, the cycle track is marked out on the map.