Bathing areas Vimmerby

Vimmerby municipality has many inland lakes. Regular tests of the water in the lakes are made during the summer months.Municipal Bathing areas in Vimmerby
Just east of Vimmerby urban community.
Camping, refreshments, café, boats, boardwalks, WC, showers
Dogs allowed.

Just north of Locknevi urban community.
Boardwalks, outside toilets

Just north of Tuna.
Boardwalk, outside toilets

Follow Tunavägen, watch out for the signs for Solnebo
Boardwalk, outside toilets.

Dammen Storebro
In central Storebro.
Boardwalk, diving tower, WC

Dammen Gullringen
In the centre of Gullringen.
Boardwalk, outside toilets

Just south of Rumskulla.
boardwalk, outside toilets

Just north of Djursdala.
Boardwalk, outside toilets.
Dogs allowed.

Krön (managed by Kröngården)
On the east side of Lake Krön, north of Vimmerby.
Kiosk, cafe, WC