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Pippi Longstocking and friends

Pippi Longstocking and friends<br />Astrid Lindgrens World
Karlsson on the Roof<br />Astrid Lindgrens World
The Brothers Lionheart in Cherry Tree Valley<br />Astrid Lindgrens World
Katthult<br />Astrid Lindgrens World
Pippi Longstocking<br />Astrid Lindgrens World
Ronja the Robber’s Daughter<br />Astrid Lindgrens World
Miss Prysselius’s singalong<br />Astrid Lindgrens World

In Astrid Lindgren’s World stories come to life

Villekulla Cottage is real. Noisy Village, Matt’s Fort and most of the other places from Astrid Lindgren’s stories also exist. They are collected in one and the same place: in Astrid Lindgren’s World in Vimmerby.

All the places in the park can be recognised from Astrid Lindgren’s stories and at any time you can meet many of the characters you’ve got to know through the books. After all, what would Junedale be without Mardie and Matt’s Fort without the robbers? In these living settings, there are performances daily with scenes from the books. Here, the audience can get right up close to the action and, sometimes, even end up in it. 
It’s a big experience for children to meet Pippi Longstocking, Karlsson on the roof, That Emil or one of their other favourites in real life. After the performances, the fun continues when all children can hop in and play in the place that was just a stage. And say what child doesn’t want to look for things in Villekulla Cottage with Pippi or maybe sneak up on Tengil’s soldiers with Jonathan and Skorpan Lionheart.
Astrid Lindgren cared about the right of children to be children. Free play runs like a red thread through all her books, and it does of course also have an important place here in Astrid Lindgren’s World. As well as the exciting settings from the stories that children can explore freely at their own pace, we have lots of places in the park created just for play.
If you’re going to have the energy to play you have to eat. The food we serve in our restaurants in the park is made from scratch in our own kitchen. We think it’s important to prepare good and healthy food suitable for big and small tummies. Most of the raw produce is local and the menus have been drawn up in partnership with one of Sweden’s most prominent chefs, Fredrik Eriksson from Långbro Värdshus. We offer everything from basic dishes to hearty Småland family fare. 
We have many accommodation options to choose from in direct connection to Astrid Lindgren’s World. In the newly built The Tiny Town, you can stay comfortably in safe back streets and squares with space to play and socialise. The houses are built in genuine Småland craft tradition in different sizes and designs.


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Astrid Lindgrens World will be closed the summer of 2020.

Welcome back in 2021.