Photo: MX World Collection och Kalles Lek & Lattjo

One small project became two big attractions

For many years, Magnus Frodig and Maria Carlsson’s home was filled with motorcycles and different kinds of projects. Enthusiasts from all over Europe came to the couple’s home to see the big collection of unique vehicles. With a new family, it was a lot to have at home, and the solution was to move to new premises, a solution that became the start of something much bigger.

Magnus’s interest in motorcycles and the opportunity to create something of his own started in earnest at Maria’s father’s lodge where a dusty old motorcycle stood waiting for someone to care for it. A wash led to a change of several parts and ended up with a complete renovation. Since that day, the creation of his own motorcycles continued and his interest developed into a collection of unique world champion bikes from the four corners of the world.

At the same time, Maria was at home with active young children with a lot of energy. Visiting playlands was something that suited the whole family but always required a lot of travel and planning. The idea of a playland in the hometown of Vimmerby developed and Maria started to think about how the perfect playland would be designed. A decision on an underwater theme was soon made, and the turtle Kalle became the public image. Much thought was put into creating nice colourful premises with fun activities, home-made food, service-oriented staff and good logistics. All to create fun for children and to get them to run around.

The premises of the two new visitor attractions were built from scratch, and several small entrepreneurs from Vimmerby got together to create a strong cohesive building team. The exhibition hall filled with motors and the colourful playland were soon ready, and the daily visits began to be mixed with big and small events. So far, 10-15 different motocross and speedway world champions have held presentations at MX World Collection and several food and music evenings have been arranged. At the same time, Kalles Lek & Lattjo has become a meeting point for children and their families with morning get-togethers, a dance school and disco.

In the first five years, MX World Collection’s world-unique collection of motocross cycles has impressed motor enthusiasts, and Kalles Lek & Lattjo’s many activities have let children of all ages have fun from morning to evening. Two growing visitor attractions created for Vimmerby, by Vimmerby.