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Spend your summer in Vimmerby

In Småland, among glittering lakes, enchanting forests, rolling meadows, red barns and winding gravel roads, you’ll find Vimmerby. The Småland idyll is filled with stories, adventures and experiences.

A true feeling of Astrid Lindgren’s childhood fills Vimmerby, from the playing and her upbringing at Näs to the well-known filming locations in the surrounding villages and meetings with the characters in the place where the stories come to life. The literature and stories are everywhere and convey the authentic small-town feeling in the most delightful way.

The experiences continue in Småland’s forests, where being close to animals, nature and places to swim is a given. The footpaths wind their way through forest groves and past farms where you can meet farm animals and workhorses, as well as regal moose and working honeybees. Continue your adventure, climbing among the tree tops or canoeing on the rippling waters of River Stångån. Pick up speed on the cycleways and enjoy the calming still waters of the many lakes.

Vimmerby, a place to experience!

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