Breathtaking views

Total tranquillity and breathtaking views await those who make the journey to greater heights. Ascending mountain sections and tough terrain often pays off with the best views, and there are plenty of outlook points from which to enjoy Vimmerby and its landscape.

Here are some of our favourites for you to tackle on your forest adventures!

Lindtorps Kulle

The fantastic Djursdala and Lindtorps Kulle is an obvious first stop if you want to enjoy an easily accessible view. With a rolling landscape, green meadows and farmland, the view delivers throughout the seasons: cherry blossoms and pasqueflower in spring, magnificent greenery in summer, a colourful autumn and hopefully a snow-covered winter.


The view that awaits you is worth the hike up Gisseskalle. Follow the wide and narrow paths upwards until you are met by the glittering Lake Gissen at its most beautiful, surrounded by the Småland forest. Sit down and enjoy the view that stretches all the way to Vimmerby in almost all weathers.


Djupedalsberget is Djursdalarundan’s highest point, measuring 207.5 metres above sea level. A signpost for the outlook points to a narrow forest path that leads straight into the forest. Once you reach the mountain ledge, behind the stately pines, you’ll be treated to a view of the still water of Lake Krön and a glimpse of the beautiful Södra Vi. Continue the seven-kilometre round trip for a half-day excursion.


The Amalia Cave is an impressive boulder cave shrouded in myths and legends, located right next to Lake Försjön along Sevedeleden trail. If you follow the trail, beginning the mighty climb up Korpeberget, you’ll be rewarded with an incredible view of the Småland forests.


Norra Kvill National Park and Småland’s magical forest is a fantastic experience. Past fallen trees and moss-covered boulders, you’ll continue through the forest, which has been left to go wild and grown large and old for 150 years. Around the waterlily-filled waters of Lake Stora Idgölen, you can listen to the song of the crested tit, and the challenging hike through rocky nature up to Idgölen outlook point is worth every step when you reach the beautiful outlook point and see the magnificent view of Rumskullaskogen Forest.


A final outlook point worth mentioning is in Övrakulla outside Rumskulla. Prepare for a tough climb over difficult terrain to the summit. Pass an exciting valley shrouded in mystery and continue up the mountain and you’ll reach a striking ravine Silvergata (Silver Street). According to legend, the name comes from the thieves who hid silver they stole from Rumskulla Church here in 1851. Once at the outlook point, you can enjoy total silence and look out over River Stångån that winds through the valley below.

Autumn at Gisseskalle

In the direction of the view point at Djupedalsberget.

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Stångån winds its way through the Autumn at Övrakulla.

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