The secrets of the forest

Vimmerby Municipality offers several beautiful footpaths, ranging from short walks to multi-day hikes. The mood in the forests is something very special, and the fresh air helps to clear the mind. Whether you head out in hope of finding mushrooms and berries or just want to take an invigorating walk, exciting experiences await. The hiking trails are colour-coded and will help to guide you to exciting phenomena and beautiful outlook points.

There are stories and legends about many of the forest phenomena. One of the most popular is about the erratic boulder  Runkesten, which it is said can be rocked by hand. The question is whether you dare challenge the popular legend that the giant woman Kåra, who once threw the stone away, will return and put to death anyone who manages to topple it from its current place.

Another legendary phenomenon, linked to the area’s church bells, is in Bastefall and is called  Klockstenen (the Clock Stone). The name comes from the legend that tells of how the large erratic boulder turns over when it hears Pelarne Church’s bells ringing.

Swap legends and boulders for beautiful views and great heights by visiting one of the nearby outlook points. Follow Sevedeleden trail up Korpeberget next to Lake Försjön; first pass the Amaliagrottan and its large boulders before beginning the climb up to the outlook point, and then enjoy the beautiful nature with a small picnic or just in silence.

Admire Gissen Lake, south of Storebro, by taking a walk up Gisseskalle, or set off on the Djursdalar round and enjoy the beautiful view at its highest point. The view extends out over Lake Krön and towards the community of Södra Vi.

A fourth outlook point can be found in Övrakulla outside Rumskulla. From the road, a tough climb begins towards the summit. Along the way, you’ll first pass an exciting valley shrouded in mystery. A little further up the mountain is a striking ravine named Silvergata (Silver Street). The name comes from the thieves who hid the silver they stole from Rumskulla Church there in 1851. Just after Silvergata you’ll reach the outlook point, where you can look out over River Stångån that winds its way past.

If you’re looking for more inspiration, hiking maps or nature’s hidden gems, the Tourist Office is available to help. Nature is for adventures and experiences, so get out into the forest and start experience it!