Discover Vimmerby by bike

Vimmerby is a gem for you who like to look around from the bicycle saddle. Here you will find a number of charming road suggestions that take you out into the countryside.

If so, we would like to encourage you to experience Vimmerby by bike. Vimmerby is a beautiful treasure if you are that person who likes to explore new things from the saddle of your bike.

The scenery of Vimmerby offers a lot of things that are characteristic for Småland. You will pass deep forests and pasturelands and go on snaky roads past lakes and red houses. You will also notice that the landscape is partly hilly which will break your sweat and make your leg muscles hurt on your conquest to climb some of the hills. You will then get your reward when you reach the top and can just relax and roll through the beautiful scenery.

The roads are many and both the destination and distance are up to you. During the summer season there are also several opportunities to make a pit stop at one of the cafés, bathing places, sights or attractions in the area. In other words, there are a lot of reasons why you should experience Vimmerby by bike.

Together with Sweden by Bike we have created a couple of charming routs we believe are worth exploring. You will find these on the map linked below together with information about what is worth seeing and experiencing along the way. You will also find examples of bike rentals and two of the hotels that offer packages for bikers.

We wish you a nice tour in Astrid Lindgrens Vimmerby, and remember that we are always here for you if you have any questions.

Photo: Tim Eriksson

More of Vimmerby from the bicycle saddle:

Wimer Bike Park – from a wonderful flow track to challenging routes from 3.3-7.7 kilometers.

Bicycle tours in the movie-landscape of Småland Starting from Filmbyn Småland, you can enjoy trails filled with film history, from an hour to a day of cycling.

Inspirational routs in Vimmerby Municipality – cycle along quiet country roads with beautiful views, through cozy villages and stately forests

Motorsport – No bike? No worries, at Motorsport you can rent both bicycles and gadgets for a few hours or days of cycling adventures.