Discover the forest

Vimmerby has more than 170 kilometer of hiking trails and walks through forest and fields. Broader footpaths together with winding tracks and steep slopes mean that a day in the forest offers something for everyone. Bring a picnic basket or containers to collect blueberries, or why not make the experience a multi-day trip and bring the tent?

Sevedeleden is the longest trail in the municipality, at 50 km, plus side trails of 18 and 35 km respectively. The trail runs through forests, across meadows and past interesting woodland sights. Along the trail you will also encounter several historical locations and interesting natural phenomena.

Brantestad nature trail takes you on a 9.9 km long hike through fields and forested land; a walk that gives you the opportunity to discover ancient monuments, beautiful vegetation filled with a variation of plants and to stop for a picnic at one of the beautiful rest areas.

Djursdalarundan takes hikers on a 7 kilometer circular trail with stops to admire both natural phenomena and exciting cultural history. The perfect trail for the happy and cultured hiker.

Norra Kvill National Park offers mystery and magic in the wonderful Småland forest, with two circular trails of 2.5 and 4 kilometer. The tough hike has its own rewards, which you dis-cover in the calm surroundings of Lake Igdölen or the view from Idhöjden viewpoint.

Ingebo Hagar’s four hiking trails, from 1.2-4.2 kilometer, offer a chance to experience the Småland forests with both short and longer walks through beautiful mixed forest.

The 4.5 km of the Smé-åna trail is a journey through the history of Gullringen, from the mill pond and the highest waterfall in the area, where you might encounter white-throated dippers and otters, to the former power station and past the grotto in Skomakarberget (Cobbler Hill), to end with a section of the old historical Royal Way.