Photo: Astrid Lindgren Aktiebolag
Astrid Lindgren and brother Gunnar, early 70s

Vimmerby's Astrid Lindgren

When Astrid Anna Emilia Ericsson was born on 14 November 1907 on the farm Näs outside Vimmerby, no one could have guessed what would become of her. Although there were signs. She was a lively girl, both physically and intellectually. Quick in the legs as well as in the mind, strong in the body and in the imagination. Adventurous and playful. A talented storyteller already as a child.​

Even when Astrid Lindgren published her first books in the early 1940s, no one understood what industry was being started. Today we know. Her books have sold over 165 million copies in 107 languages, her work is constantly being republished around the world, some 50 films and television series have been produced, thousands of theater productions and musicals, several awards have been established in her honor , schools, daycare centers, residential areas, parks and neighborhoods are named after her characters - and, not least, we have a great humanistic legacy from Astrid Lindgren's fight for children's and animals' rights, ecology and equality. 

We at Astrid Lindgren Aktiebolag are convinced that the world needs Astrid Lindgren - perhaps more than ever - and continue in her footsteps. 

Astrid Lindgren's Aktiebolag

We are based in Stockholm, but our operations extend all over the world. We work long-term, with high demands on quality and fidelity to the original, and we are proud and happy about all our fantastic partners who, together with us, spread Astrid Lindgren's works. Some of the most important can be found in Vimmerby, the place where it all began. Astrid Lindgren's World and Astrid Lindgren's Nose play key roles in bringing both the stories and Astrid Lindgren's own person to life.

Astrid Lindgren Aktiebolag's mission is to spread and protect Astrid Lindgren's writing throughout the world. In everything we do, we adhere to Astrid Lindgren's own clear guidelines about what can, can and should be done. We want as many children and adults all over the world as possible in the future to be able to read Astrid Lindgren's books, see her films and theater productions, hear her songs and experience her worlds in the best way possible. The best place to start is here, in Astrid Lindgren's Vimmerby. The place she called home throughout her life.

Olle Nyman,
grandson of Astrid Lindgren