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Shopping as and when you can and want like Emil

When Emil went to the auction in Backhorva, he wanted to spend some of the money he had earned, but his father thought he was just being wasteful. Then Emil put his foot down and said "When I don't have money I can't buy lemonade, and when I do have money I'm not allowed to buy lemonade. When am I supposed to drink lemonade?”

“When I don’t have money I can’t buy lemonade, and when I do have money I’m not allowed to buy lemonade,” as Emil said to his father, and our children have their own versions of this saying. Just like Emil, when we have money, we want to shop, whether we are at home or on holiday. And we have good shopping, a result of the people, choice and availability, thanks to Astrid Lindgren and all our visitors. Where would we be without them?

Together, we turn all meetings into experiences and memories: meetings in shops, at our accommodation and at sights. After all, it is often the memories that we buy when we travel – what we take home after we stay somewhere different. Whether it is lemonade, a jumper or some other memento, taking something back makes the experience.

Treats for everyone
If Pippi had been in the square, I’m sure she would have treated all the children to sweets. We won’t treat you to sweets, but we can treat you to good shopping, a traditional town setting and the experience of a small town with a big welcome. So, take back as many memories and experiences you can.

Text: Beathe Skaate Beathe


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