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<br />Västerviks Turistbyrå
<br />Västerviks Turistbyrå
<br />Västerviks Turistbyrå
<br />Västerviks Turistbyrå
<br />Västerviks Turistbyrå

Have you heard about the archipelago town of Västervik?

Västervik is a near neighbour located by the coast just east of Vimmerby. Many come here to visit the beautiful archipelago and to enjoy sun, sea and shopping, the Song Festival and other exciting activities. Read this interesting article about Västervik on our homepage.

As a visitor to Vimmerby you would also enjoy our neighbouring town. The towns have much in common but, at the same time, they complement each other perfectly. A visit to Västervik is a way for you and your family to extend your visit and experience a bit more of our beautiful Småland.

Västervik is 45 minutes away by car. Once there, you’ll be enveloped by a summer town feeling. There are promenades by the beach, shopping streets and cosy outdoor restaurants, all with a fresh breeze from the nearby sea. Västervik is an excellent place to relax in and ‘just be’.

Gränsö Peninsula, which is five kilometres from the town centre, is popular with locals and visitors alike. It has a hotel, spa, café, swimming and a scenic footpath. Gränsö Castle’s candle maker, with traditions that remain to this day, is located on the way there. Visitors are welcome to watch the candle making close up.

Västervik is known as the archipelago town. The reason for this is obvious. The archipelago is always visible in the corner of the eye and you can feel its freshness in everything you do. It is made up of about 5000 islands and skerries; some even say it is one of Sweden’s most beautiful towns. In the summer, there are daily tours to the two archipelago islands Idö and Hasselö. Out on the islands you can enjoy food and drink at one of the restaurants with sea views. Ferry tickets are available to buy from Västervik Tourist Office.

Just as in Vimmerby, families with children are especially welcome in Västervik, often attracted by Lysingsbadet. Lysingsbadet is a five-star facility right by the sea with camping pitches, cottages, a water park and many fun activities for the whole family.

Every year during week 28, one of Västervik’s best known events, the Song Festival, is arranged in the ruined castle of Stegeholm. It is a popular festival. The place and the atmosphere attract young and old, visitors and locals to listen to Sweden’s top performers sing well-known songs.

In Västervik and the surrounding area, adventure lovers, experienced as well as beginners, can try activities such as kayaking, climbing, angling and riding. Or how about an eagle or seal safari? From the jetty in the guest harbour, take a boat out into the archipelago for a day to look for grey seal and the majestic sea eagle.

There is of course more to discover in Västervik than we have mentioned, so why not visit our neighbouring town to see what is on offer? Plan a day trip to Västervik or extend your visit to Vimmerby with a few days on the coast. We think you would like it!

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