STF Musteriet in Djursdala

STF Musteriet in Djursdala

At Musteriet in Djursdala, just north of Vimmerby, you can stay in a social historical environment in Astrid Lindgren’s home village in Småland. A true village environment awaits you, with apple groves and experiences around the corner.

Djursdala, just outside Vimmerby in Småland, is a culturally protected village dating back to the Middle Ages. The barns are located along a village street, as typical Swedish villages looked before the great shift changed our towns. The farm has been made into seasonal accommodation, cider factory and café/restaurant. The cider factory is located in the middle of the village, and apple cider is made in traditional style from our own apple grove. Our restaurant is located in a warehouse. The red house dates back to the 1800s and has altogether 9 beds. Stay comfortably in newly furnished rooms with access to kitchen and two dining areas. The farm also has chickens and Icelandic horses. Find yourself in middle of Småland, in Astrid Lindgren’s home village. A rich cultural area where you can also visit Astrid’s childhood home Näs and Astrid Lindgren’s World. The surroundings also offer many gorgeous bike and hiking trails through forests and stone fenced farms. Do not miss Norra Kvills National Park and its over 1000 year old Kvilleeken oak. A warm welcome to us at Musteriet!


Djursdala 147,
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