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Activities & Sights

In Vimmerby there is plenty to see and do.

  1. Astrid Lindgrens Näs Attractions Astrid Anna Emilia Ericsson was born here on the farm at Näs, in Vimmerby, over 100 years ago. She, who later became the world renowned author Astrid Lindgren. This is where she climbed the lemonade tree and played in the wood shed. This is where she jumped in the hay and listened to fairy tales in Kristin`s kitchen. This is where all of her writing begins.
  2. Astrid Lindgrens World Attractions Astrid Lindgren’s World is a fabulous place for young and old. Everyone who has grown up with the stories about Pippi, Emil and Astrid Lindgren’s other characters will recognise the settings in the park. There are lots of opportunities to become part of the adventures here.
  3. Virum Moose park Attractions Meet moose and deer in their natural habitat. In beautiful surroundings you can get close to the animals and marvel at their special beauty.
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  4. Bullerbyn Attractions The three small farms in Sevedstorp were the model for Astrid's books about Bullerby. This is where Astrid's father Samuel August grew up and this is where the films were made about Bullerby in 1986/87 under the direction of Lasse Hallström. 0/5
  5. Mariannelunds karamellkokeri Attractions Visit a sugar-baker! Own candy manufacturing since 1929. "And the taste is a feeling of Luxury..." 5/5
  6. The Nightingale Attractions The Nightingale Museum in Vimmerby is housed in a listed building from the 18th century, with timbered walls. 0/5
    • Eriksgården Eriksgården 5/5 Activities
    • Filmbyn Småland Filmbyn Småland Filmbyn Småland 5/5 Attractions
    • Katthult Katthult 5/5 Attractions
    • Källängsparken Källängsparken 0/5 Attractions
    • MX-World Collection MX-World Collection 5/5 Attractions
    • Samuel August's proposal Samuel August's proposal 0/5 Attractions
    • The Kvill Oak The Kvill Oak 3/5 Attractions
    • Vimmerbys kyrkor Vimmerbys kyrkor 0/5 Attractions